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Company Overview

We take the time to understand your market. To understand the risks you face. To know where your challenges lie and who your competitors are. We test your products against this background.

Specialists in software test automation

Inspired Testing’s disruptive onshore offshore model offers a revitalised alternative to outdated, inefficient offshore models. With a scalable pool of 250+ expert QA professionals based in the UK and South Africa, we custom-fit our onshore and offshore resources to suit your requirements, with no language barriers, no time zone frustrations and no micro-management of offshore teams. Critically, we view quality as a key driver of the software development cycle.

Our innovative approach will invigorate your team, as we remove the roadblocks to collaborative partnership. We have the infrastructure to provide your business with a cost-effective testing solution that is highly competitive or even better than the costing models of last-decade outsourced testing, without ever compromising quality and service delivery. We believe in professional relationships where you will benefit from our deep insight into the critical role of testing through all stages of development.

Real-time results. Return on investment

Based in London, UK, Inspired Testing delivers test automation and performance testing, along with testing across most platforms, devices and environments. Our mission is to give your business a measurable return on investment and ongoing real-time results, in an environment where software must work perfectly, every time.

Inspired Testing takes a fresh new approach to testing. We believe in simplicity and getting the job done.

Inspired Resources

  • Software testing professionals
  • Subject-matter experts
  • Scripters
  • Team leads
  • Functional testers
  • Non-functional testers

Inspired resources


We are inspired to give our clients confidence in their software through our ability to deliver world class quality assurance solutions.


Create and help our clients create high quality digital technology software solutions that add business value faster and help them make an impact in the market place.

Our values

Our values guide us to make a positive impact with our clients, communities, business partners and with each other.