You've probably been hearing a lot of buzz about having to learn how to program as a software tester. And we agree: as a modern tester, a certain amount of programming proficiency is indispensable if you want to thrive in today's world.

No matter if you want to add test automation to your tester superpowers, or if your main goal is to have more meaningful conversations with developers about what they are building and how you can test that, being comfortable with reading and writing code is quickly becoming something that is expected from all of us.

Test expert Bas Dijkstra covers:

  • Why it’s important to learn programming as a tester.
  • Different ways to learn programming.
  • Different aspects of testing that can be supported by code.
  • How programming helps you read and design better tests.
  • How programming helps you be a more efficient and valuable team member in Agile teams.