Inspired Testing is the global leader in Elite 3E quality assurance consultancy.

We are leading the implementation QA of some of the largest law firms around the world. Inspired Testing has vast domain knowledge across different Elite 3E infrastructures, configurations, and customisations and has put it all together to create the 3E Automation Accelerator. The Automation Accelerator gives law firms implementing or upgrading Elite 3E the confidence that the QA process will proceed smoothly and at speed.

What is the automation accelerator?

The Automation Accelerator finds defects as they appear through automated tests. This provides legal entities using 3E software the speed and confidence to deliver new implementations, integrations, and updates from core 3E software, without the need for specialised 3E testing skills within the organisation.


This gives a cost-benefit from the get-go, along with the assurance that your Elite 3E legal software is functioning as it should long before it is exposed to business operations.


Ready-to-execute test solution for 3E 3.1

  • Reduce test cycles from months to days with our custom-developed Automation Accelerator.
  • Inspired Testing is an Implementation and Technology Partner for Elite 3E.
  • Optimised automation execution and live reporting to guide businesses on risks and decisions.
  • We have extensive knowledge and experience with Elite 3E products, allowing us to create services that truly meet the needs of law firms around the world.
  • We have a cost-effective onshore-offshore hybrid delivery model.
  • We are trusted by top global law firms such as Cameron McKenna and others.
  • Includes ready-to-execute test solution for 3E 2.9 and 3.0

A proven track record

“Conversations I've had with Inspired Testing during the course of this project have identified in my mind the opportunity to test complex workflows. The number of decisions and options within a workflow creates significant numbers of permutations of work and data paths. I think that's a real opportunity to explore automation testing to test those kinds of complex workflows.”

In Numbers

7 Continents

Testing Expertise delivered on 7 Continents

101 Days of testing saved

Days of testing saved per year (*based on actual client numbers)

200 Test Suites

Test Suites comprising API and UI tests.

6 Key product areas

Key product areas supporting all major workflows.


Work with the team at Inspired Testing and see which plan is right for you.

Enterprise, 3E Automation Accelerator Pack and Retainer packages

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