Move massive amounts of data to 3E with confidence.

Our 3E Data Migration Testing Service enables law firms using legacy systems or previous Elite 3E versions like Enterprise to confidently upgrade or migrate vast amounts of data to Elite 3E.

Trusted by leading global law firms

Migrating millions of sensitive data points to 3E may be difficult, especially when the business’s reputation and profitability are at stake. The Data Migration Testing Service finds migration faults quickly by utilising purpose-built test automation technologies.


As an Elite Technology and Implementation partner, Inspired Testing has the expertise to help organisations confidently move to 3E’s unified legal technology system no matter the scale and volume of their data.

“We successfully moved 160 million data points, with data stretching back to 1948. We were told nobody has ever done that before.” Nick Pond, Head of Finance Systems and Innovation, CMS UK

With 3E Data Migration Testing, you can trust that your move to a new 3E solution carries as little risk to your data as possible.

“The moment of revelation I had was realising that A) we couldn’t test 1.9 million rates by hand and B) that Inspired Testing offered us a technology solution to actually test those rates.” Nick Pond, Head of Finance Systems and Innovation, CMS UK


Why do 3e data migration testing?

Data migration testing validates that data conversions were done correctly when moving from a legacy version of 3E like Enterprise to a newer version. It even allows you to move your data from a system outside of the Elite ecosystem to 3E. The sheer volume of data involved and the risk a single mistake carries make it a terrifying task. Inspired Testing are experts in Elite 3E and provides solutions that cut the risk and execution time of data migration significantly, allowing organisations to increase their profitability and efficiency by moving to 3E.

Identifying data migration errors ensures that profitability remains intact as you move to a new 3E implementation. Errors in the migration process and differing configurations will lead to data errors. With specialised Data Migration testing, settling for these data errors is unnecessary.

Benefits of 3e data migration testing

  • Reduce risk to business due to errors in data. Be confident that data migrate smoothly from one system to another.
  • Reduce time of execution. Our Data Migration Service reduces the time of execution from months to mere days, depending on the volume of data- an impossible task to do manually.
  • Improve user experience by preventing disruptions due to data errors.


Use the Bulk Data Testing Calculator in desktop view to determine how long bulk testing will take.

Click here to perform your own bulk data testing estimation:


3e data migration testing includes:

Elite 3e expertise

Vast domain knowledge across different Elite 3E infrastructures, configurations, and customisations.

Fit-for-purpose reporting

We adapt reporting to give your firm the data it needs.

Bulk data testing

Accurately test millions of data points at speed.

Api, ui, and database testing on 3e

Verify data accuracy at every level.

Migrate to 3e from any platform

Migrate from any platform, even those outside the Elite ecosystem.

Reduced time and system stress

Testing optimised for speed without straining your system beyond its limits.

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