Building trust in your 3E Solution FASTER. BETTER. SAFER.

Improve efficiency and profitability

Inspired Testing gives your firm a holistic approach to ensure your systems work optimally be it standard requirements or custom needs.

Improve profitability and efficiency by ensuring that your 3E implementation performs as it should without crashing or slowing down, no matter the load it’s subjected to.


Elite 3E enables your teams to streamline and automate tasks, drive operational efficiency, and provide fast, proactive services to your clients. As an Elite Technology and Implementation Partner, Inspired Testing has the expertise to ensure that your 3E legal technology ecosystem performs as it should.

Trust your 3E solution with Inspired Testing’s 3E Performance Testing Service to give your teams constant insight and visibility even at the busiest times of the year that sees tremendous transaction volumes.

Why do performance testing?

Performance testing your implementation of Elite 3E will simulate the user journey at the scale and volume you will experience at month- or year-end to identify any issues that might slow down or frustrate your team. No one needs a ‘Page not found’ error message or an unresponsive system at a critical time. By performance testing your 3E installation, you will ensure that you gain the increased efficiency, profitability, and service you expect from this industry-leading software.

Identifying bottlenecks and bugs allows you to optimise your 3E implementation to eliminate these problems before it interferes with critical business operations. Inspired Testing utilises the industry-leading Tricentis Neoload tool to highlight speed, response times, load times, and scalability issues.

Benefits of performance testing

  • Simulate large numbers of transactions. Ensure that everything works as expected when everyone’s online.
  • Anticipate real user scenarios of how your 3E will perform live – before it happens.
  • Get a quick and accurate analysis of vast amounts of performance-related data to identify performance issues and their causes.
  • Validate that third-party application integrations function under high workload.

3e performance testing includes:

Elite 3e expertise

Vast domain knowledge across different Elite 3E infrastructures, configurations, and customisations.

Fit-for-purpose reporting

We adapt reporting to give your firm the data it needs.

Bulk data testing

Accurately test millions of data points at speed.

Api, ui, and database testing on 3e

Verify data accuracy at every level.

Migrate to 3e from any platform

platform, even those outside the Elite 3E ecosystem

Reduced time and system stress

Testing optimised for speed without straining your system beyond its limits.

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