On Track To Ensuring Safety, Reliability, and Innovation

Software testing allows the railway industry to keep up with the complex demands of legacy environments, regulatory compliance, and scalability to ensure continuous operation.

Safety Critical and Complex Software Demands

The railway industry faces unique challenges in software testing:

  • The lack of time to test.
  • Lack of test automation to speed up test cycles and shorten time to market.
  • Lack of software testing expertise and support within the railway industry.
  • The complexity of systems and integration within the railway industry.
  • Poorly managed test environments.
  • Lack of system compatibility.
  • Lack of support on a consultancy level.

Comprehensive software testing to smooth the way through intricate legacy systems and complex integrations.


Improve Passenger Experience and Safety

We address the unique software testing challenges facing the railway industry so that it can deliver scalable, continuous services.

Custom Software Quality Solutions

strategic test consulting

Get expert advice on a fit-for-purpose strategy to take your software quality to the next level.

Outsourced managed services

Let Inspired Testing take full responsibility for quality outcomes through a strategic managed service.

Talent augmentation

Our expert testers will seamlessly slot into your teams, allowing you to up-or downscale your teams as needed.

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