Track Talk

Breaking Down the Barriers for Managed Testing Services

Mihai Grigorescu

11:15 -11:45 CEST Thursday 30th September

Join Inspired Testing for an in-depth exploration of their lessons learned in the journey towards a ‘Quality engineering without frontiers’ delivery model, tearing down the typical limitations imposed by the unprecedented pressures of a post 2020, modern, interconnected world.

The session will touch on contextual behavioural changes observed in testing engagements and organisations, and how they have affected and altered remote working in geographically distributed environments, communication patterns & general transparency across business units and functional streams, data security & privacy, as well as the way that operational and cost efficiencies are driven to realisation.

The track will end on the topic of market trends, scrutinising traditional vs. modern approaches, past and future testing models for manual, automation & performance within the context and advent of DevOps, Pay Per Use managed services, while adopting and innovating with open source technologies.

What you will learn

The good, the bad and the ugly of building successful managed testing services models, the social and professional cost of working remotely and re-discovering the skills required to be successful.
The silver linings of developing holistic strategies and tactical plans within an interconnected and vast ecosystem of technology partners.
Strategies for the future and post 2020, rewiring and applying pragmatical shifts in traditional approaches & stakeholder management.

Track Talk

30 min
Live Q&A
Organising, performing and exploring

Session Speaker

Mihai Grigorescu

Director Software Quality Insurance – Inspired Testing, UK

Mihai has +12 years of experience in software testing / quality assurance out of a total of +15 in the tech industry. Over the course of his career, he has had the privilege to work with over 200 client accounts across the globe (including Fortune 100) across various stakeholder and management levels.

Career highlights include delivery, consulting, heading up large enterprise TCoE transformations, leading alliances & partnerships teams, leading special interest user groups and being a constant passionate consummate speaker at international events & conferences.