Case study for automated regression testing of a vehicle tracking solution in the asset tracking vehicle telemetry industry


Asset tracking vehicle telemetry


Vehicle tracking and fleet management company


Global test centre

Automated regression testing of a vehicle tracking solution

Business Challenge

Our client is a global company specializing in fleet management, driver safety and vehicle tracking technologies. Their Software as a Service model currently provides solutions in over 120 countries across 6 continents world-wide and is of particular prominence in the Oil and Gas, Bus and Coach as well as the Transport and Logics industries. Our client had identified well over 680 software test cases as candidates for automation testing which fall under the web-based Fleet Management product offering and had to increase the regression testing coverage of the system.

The Inspired Testing Solution

Inspired Testing’s Automation Centre used it’s UTA-H test automation framework, coupled with it’s Agile based approach to testing automation to automate the estimated 680 software test cases over a series of 2 week Agile Sprints.

  • Automation execution stats:
    • - Regression testing time: 480+ test cases execute for a total of 16 hours sequentially
  • Benefits of the solution

    • Cost effective solution using the UTA-H framework and the GTC’s unique approach.
    • Rapid turnaround time for impediment resolution Direct.
      • - single point of contact communication via multiple mediums allows for quick and effective resolution or clarification of issues impeding the automation team.
    • Backlog flexibility
      • - backlog items can be prioritized on a sprint-by-sprint basis, allowing for rapid change in automation focus if needed.
    • Daily feedback on project status and progress
    • Low latency communication between the GTC team and project stakeholders
    • Parallel execution across multiple execution machines in the hub

Automation Technology

  • Inspired Testing’s UTA-H framework
  • Appium
  • Selenium

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