Automated Regression Testing Of Corporate Life Insurance Software Solutions

Automated Regression Testing of Corporate Life Insurance software solutions

Project Summary

A new business solution provided by an international financial institution required software testing of 60 product variations. The project was hampered by the time it took to do manual test execution of the Total Regression Test Pack. Through a holistic approach based on our test automation expertise, a solution was implemented that shortened the Total Regression Test Pack cycle from 7.5 days to only working 1.5 days.


International financial institution


Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets


South Africa


Automated Software Regression Testing

Client Overview

The client is a division of a well-known financial institution’s corporate division. It develops innovative corporate life insurance solutions for the South African market. It introduced a new business solution to the market that includes corporate insurance and retirement packages that are sold through its web portal.

Problem statement

The new business solution had 60 product variations that required regression testing. Manual execution of the regression tests took 7.5 days.


The end-to-end business process was analysed holistically and a framework was created that could easily read and interpret the specification of the software being tested to generate automated test cases. The framework allowed one-click conceptualisation and formulation of additional scenarios, further speeding up the process.

Before improvement

Depending on the capability of the tester, manual test data generation took 40 to 90 minutes. Manual execution of the Total Regression Test Pack was 7.5 days.

After improvement

Automated test execution of 4 minutes, significantly reducing the time to delivery of a live incident by at least 6 hours. The Total Regression Test Pack execution was 5 times faster than a manual test cycle: 1.5 days vs. 7.5 days of the manual test effort.

Benefit to the client after implementation

The client had a significant reduction in time to delivery of a live incident by at least 6 hours. This process also made the Automated Test Data Generation facility available for the Functional Test Team. The automation practice was then standardised across the client’s business units.