Enabling Innovation In The Isle Of Man

Enabling Innovation in the Isle of Man

Project Summary

An established financial institution in the Isle of Man received an operating license to establish a new bank and it needed a Software Quality Assurance (SQA) solution to support its audit signoff requirements.

Inspired Testing established a fit-for-purpose software testing approach, provided the required manual testing capability and alleviated the manual regression testing effort by scripting scenarios for test automation.


International financial institution


Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets


Isle of Man (Europe) and South Africa


Outsourced Managed Services

Technology Stack

Client Overview

The client is part of a financial institution in the Isle of Man that has been providing financial solutions since the mid-Nineties. It received a license to operate the first brand-new bank to be opened on the Isle of Man in 30 years.

Problem statement

The client needed a detailed software quality evaluation to support the audit signoff of its new banking solution in the Isle of Man. It needed a fit-for-purpose software testing approach for its new banking solution to address the immediate need for manual software testing of the business system, as well as to alleviate the manual regression testing effort.


Inspired Testing was tasked with establishing a fit-for-purpose software testing approach for the client’s new banking solution:

  • Providing the manual testing capability to the client to service the immediate need for the business systems for the new banking solution.
  • Alleviating the manual regression testing effort by scripting scenarios based on priority provided by the strategic testing team. This effort, combined with client stakeholder involvement, enabled the conversion of manual testing to Automation Testing that covered the functional areas of the client’s systems, including integration.

Inspired Testing implemented the strategic solution incorporating three implementation streams in parallel:

  • Strategic SQA foundation, implementation and delivery.
  • Testing and delivery of QA of the Bank Hub product build together with the integrations to systems related to the operation of the banking solution.
  • Automation foundation, regression and maintenance implementation.

Before improvement

No clear SQA strategy to meet the requirements of the audit sign-off for the new banking product that was planned.

After improvement

Inspired Testing provided a fit-for-purpose testing strategy that enabled the client to meet the quality requirements to go to market with their new banking solution.

Benefit to the client after implementation

  • Reduced time to market. Software delivery life cycles were constructed for optimised continuous development and quality services. Inspired Testing’s quality solutions were designed to save valuable time for each quality gate phase of delivery.
  • Agility. Inspired Testing improved process flow and business operations through a strategic approach that took into account all aspects of the business that quality had both a direct and indirect impact on.
  • Risk and Cost. Inspired Testing’s innovative, efficiency-driven testing solutions and defect detection reduced project risks and costs at a price point that enabled the testing function to add value, rather than consume cost.