Tailor-made Test Strategy For Major Automotive Manufacturer

Tailor-made Test Strategy For Major Automotive Manufacturer

Project Summary

The client has diverse and complex teams and development lifecycles, which proved challenging to their non-specific quality approach. This background posed a challenge for other software testing companies to provide a solution.

However, Inspired Testing’s experts were undaunted and got to work to create a truly tailor-made approach. Given the complexities of the development lifecycles, a run-of-the-mill approach would not have been suitable. Our team of testing specialists worked closely with the client, spending time at their facilities to truly understand their quality needs.

Based on their assessment, a tailor-made organisational test strategy was developed. The test strategy described the existing competencies within their testing teams. Our experts specified custom approaches for each of their development teams that are in keeping with the overall organisational test strategy. The client is now developing a Centre of Excellence for SQA, which will direct and own the software testing strategy within the organisation.


International automotive manufacturer




South Africa


Strategic Test Consulting


Since December 2021 - ongoing


Principle Consultants and Automation Architects

Client Overview

The client is one of the world’s most successful automotive manufacturers. The client is known for its superior-quality products and innovation.

Problem statement

The client has identified its testing strategy immaturity and was seeking a software testing strategy baseline, gap analysis, and roadmap to mature its testing capability. A textbook approach was not suitable due to the complexities of several key stakeholders across numerous products and platforms. A tailor-made approach specific to the client was needed.


Inspired Testing’s experts assessed the client’s current approach to quality and assisted in the development of a bespoke organisational test strategy describing the competencies within their testing teams and assist with developing custom approaches to testing for each of their development teams that align with the overall organisational strategy. While the current trend in software quality is to ‘shift left’ to incorporate testing earlier in the software development cycle, a ‘shift up’ approach at the organisational level was recommended instead. This allows the quality team to fulfil a more advisory and monitoring role which is better suited to the client’s diverse and complex development lifecycles.

Before improvement

  • Dispersed quality teams across numerous products and platforms with poorly developed quality strategies.
  • Primarily automating end-to-end scenarios, which did not improve overall quality across the organisation.
  • No clear mission, vision, and ownership with regard to the overall IT capability, including software quality.
  • Directionless teams that are not working toward a set direction.

After improvement

The Internal IT capability is making the following improvements based on the recommendations of Inspired Testing:

  • Improve the overall quality approach by adopting a higher-level approach of monitoring and supporting the organization with quality software products.
  • Clearly defined deliverables, including entry and exit criteria, allow for improved monitoring through standardised reporting.
  • Clearly define the mission and vision of the IT capability.
  • Shift ownership of software quality assurance in its entirety to the internal IT capability.
  • Review and solidify team direction to work towards a set direction.

Benefit to the client after implementation

The client is now working to develop an internal SQA Centre of Excellence with the help of Inspired Testing. This approach will improve overall software quality at an organisational level, moving away from mere end-to-end automation in multiple teams without clear direction.