Automated Regression Testing Of An Enterprise Salesforce Application

Automated Regression Testing of an Enterprise Salesforce Application

Project Summary

An international financial institution needed software testing of 53 products within its Enterprise Salesforce Application as part of its expansion in Zimbabwe and Kenya. A tight deadline necessitated innovative thinking, as manual test execution took 2.5 hours per product. Using an Agile approach to test automation, test execution time was reduced to a total of only 35 hours, a 3.8 x improvement in speed.


International financial institution


Banking, Insurance and
Capital Markets


South Africa


Automated Software Regression Testing

16.5 man days of testing in just 35 hours

Client Overview

The client is a division of a well-known financial institution with an expanding African footprint. It provides investment, savings, life assurance, asset management, banking, and property and personal insurance products, and has nearly 20 million customers globally.

It was tasked with a one-year pilot project, an Enterprise Salesforce Loan Capturing Solution for banks in Zimbabwe and Kenya, that included integration with third-party banking services.

Problem statement

The client had a tight deadline to test 53 products within its Enterprise Salesforce Application.


Using Selenium and its UTA-H test automation framework in an Agile approach, each of the 53 products was automated in parallel with the client’s manual test team.

  • A total of 53 products were tested, with a manual execution time of 2.5 hours each, within a total test cycle of 20 man-days.
  • Manual Test Execution of 132.5 hours.
  • Automated Test Execution of 35 hours.
  • Automation Execution returned results 3.8 x faster within the test cycle.
  • The project was completed within the deadline

Before improvement

The client had 53 products that needed to be tested with a manual test execution time of 2.5 hours each.

After improvement

Automated test execution completed within 35 hours.

Benefit to the client after implementation

  • No licence costs versus competing Salesforce automation tools.
  • Cost-effective regression.
  • Rapid response and ramp-up based on tight deadlines.
  • Reusable regression scripts that significantly reduce manual regression efforts.