Online Betting Platform Ups the Ante with Inspired Testing’s Quality Assurance

Online Betting Platform Ups the Ante with Inspired Testing’s Quality Assurance

Project Summary

Inspired Testing provided software test automation to a client that provides an innovative online betting platform service in Africa. Through overnight automated regression testing and regular reporting, Inspired Testing’s efforts during its year-long engagement allowed the client to identify and fix quality issues earlier in the development cycle. This had the overall benefit of improved software quality and faster time-to-market of the client’s product.


Online betting platform service


Betting and Entertainment


South Africa


Test Automation

Technology Stack

Inspired Testing’s UTA-H Automation Framework


12 months


1 x Automation Engineer
1 x Team Lead
1 x Delivery Manager

Client Overview

The client provides modern turnkey platform services to betting businesses in Africa.

Problem statement

The client needed test automation running against its QA and retail environments on Chrome browser, delivered using SCRUM methodology.


Inspired Testing provided day-to-day analysis of the regression run, working on new test cases and reporting issues to the client. The script backlog included a total of 30 test cases covering the QA and retail test environments.

Before improvement

The client needed test automation of a backlog based on crucial business flows to ensure the product meets expectations.

After improvement

Inspired Testing delivered test automation of the client’s retail and QA environments on Chrome, performed script work on a sprint-by-sprint basis, and overnight regression testing with result reporting in the morning. The team lead sent out daily and weekly reports to the client.

Benefit to the client after implementation

Automated overnight regression testing has the benefit of detecting defects early in the development cycle. Running tests overnight maximises test coverage and minimises delays in issue identification, which brings about a cost saving. Overall, this solution by Inspired Testing leads to improved quality and faster time-to-market of the client’s online platform.