Talent Augmentation for Flexible QA Solutions at Major SA Bank

Talent Augmentation for Flexible QA Solutions at Major SA Bank

Project Summary

The client, one of South Africa’s largest banks, has an extensive in-house Enterprise Quality Assurance Division that it supplements through the services of more than a hundred independent vendors. Inspired Testing is one of the Top 5 preferred vendors, offering a range of software quality assurance expertise to augment its in-house Enterprise Quality Assurance Division.

Through its Talent Augmentation model, Inspired Testing provides the client with a flexible solution that scales with its requirements as it introduces new products and updates to the market. Based on a business relationship spanning many years, Inspired Testing provides trusted, high-quality Engineers from a junior to technical lead level, doing Mobile, Web, API, and Performance Testing.


Large South African Bank


Banking and Insurance


South Africa


Talent Augmentation




Flexible based on client needs

Client Overview

The client is a financial services group in South Africa that offers banking, insurance, asset management, and wealth management services.

Problem statement

The client needs a flexible solution to its staffing needs. Employing in-house staff for projects that scale up and down places an undue burden on the client, who then needs to deal with staff churn and training requirements for staff that will not be utilised on an ongoing basis due to the nature of projects. The client strives to achieve an optimal balance between long-term value creation and short-term outcomes through continuous digital innovation.


A flexible team of software testing experts is available to the client. The talent augmentation engagement allows the client to scale its contingent of Inspired Testing experts based on business needs.

Before improvement

The client has an existing in-house software quality capability that is insufficient to meet their testing needs. The nature of its projects dictates a fluctuation in quality assurance requirements as projects move through the software development lifecycle. This renders permanent employment of a larger QA staff contingent unfeasible considering the time and cost requirements involved in getting test professionals on board, only for them to be poorly utilised as product roll-out goes through its usual cycles.

After improvement

The client has improved flexibility and scalability through Inspired Testing's Talent Augmentation and has utilised more than 60 of Inspired Testing’s talented software experts in the past. When requirements changed due to the progression of specific projects, they were able to easily and quickly scale up or down. Talent augmentation offers an efficient and cost-effective solution to staffing requirements and increases productivity and efficiency through access to skilled professionals.

The talent augmentation agreement allowed the client access to Inspired Testing’s expert Mobile, Web, API, and Performance Testers.

Talent augmentation has the added benefit of enhanced team collaboration and knowledge sharing. Inspired Testing prides itself on its unique career development roadmaps that ensure that its QA professionals have all the latest skills and knowledge required of them, knowledge that is then shared when they slot seamlessly into in-house teams.

Benefit to the client after implementation

By utilising Inspired Testing’s Talent Augmentation service, the client reduces time-to-market, has access to specialised expertise in a broader talent pool, and benefits from knowledge transfer, which ultimately leads to software solutions of a higher quality.