Maximising Quality And Innovation For Large SA Retailer

Maximising Quality And Innovation For Large SA Retailer

Project Summary

One of South Africa’s largest retailers offers a diverse range of customer-facing, branded value-added, and B2B services. It utilises Inspired Testing’s extensive and varied experience in software testing to strengthen its own in-house capabilities through a Talent Augmentation model.

Inspired Testing’s Talent Augmentation allows access to a team of more than 300 talented software testing professionals, while still allowing clients the flexibility to scale teams as required, without the burden of appointing in-house team members who might not be utilised efficiently. This is especially beneficial in clients such as this, where the range of expertise found in Inspired Testing would be hard to match for a business not solely focused on software testing. The diversity of projects Inspired Testing is involved in is a testament to our software testing talent's range of skills and expertise.


Large South African Retailer




South Africa


Talent Augmentation


Ongoing since 2019


2 x Performance Test Engineers
13 x Intermediate Test Analyst
2 x Senior Test Analyst
2 x Automation Engineers

Client Overview

The client is one of South Africa’s largest retailers with more than 3 000 stores and 152 000 employees. It has an extensive footprint across Africa as far as Ghana and is listed on the JSE. The group includes several of South Africa’s most well-known retail brands and also offers loyalty programmes, home delivery, and a retail media agency.

Apart from performance testing and support on their e-commerce offering, Inspired Testing is also part of the teams in these sectors:

Digital Commerce: The client offers an award-winning grocery delivery service. This complex solution is available from more than 150 stores and offers a safe and secure way to choose from more than 15 000 products.

Financial Services: The client has a financial services offering that enables its customers to save, send vouchers, and pay for goods and services in-store. It can also be accessed via an app and linked to the retailer’s loyalty card.

Loyalty Programme: The client offers loyalty programmes within both its higher and middle-income retail stores, which gives customers access to savings, airtime deals, free funeral benefits, and more. The loyalty programme boasts more than 23.1 million members.

Retail Media Agency: The client recently introduced a precision retail media agency utilising insights into shopping data and billions of consumer interactions.

Problem statement

The client needed external resources to amplify its own quality efforts within its development teams but on flexible and scalable terms. Its changing business needs make in-house staff an inefficient solution.


Inspired Testing experts have been absorbed into the client’s development teams where they provide an extended pool of expertise in a flexible and scalable model.

Before improvement

The client’s existing in-house software quality capability, while extensive, is not sufficient for its needs as its projects move through the software development lifecycle (SDLC). However, due to the fluctuating nature of these projects, the client cannot justify the additional burden of employing a larger QA staff contingent considering the time and cost requirements of such an endeavour.

After improvement

The Talent Augmentation agreement provides the client with an extended pool of expertise while also injecting fresh perspectives to complement the existing teams’ capabilities. The client now has enhanced problem-solving and more comprehensive test coverage. The agreement also frees up internal teams from routine tasks, enabling them to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.

Benefit to the client after implementation

The client offers an extensive range of innovative and award-winning solutions to its consumers. Access to our experts fosters faster time-to-market and improved quality. The Talent Augmentation agreement with Inspired Testing allows the retailer to focus on continued innovation to maintain its competitive edge in the South African retail landscape.