A premium Financial Services client tasked Inspired Testing with test automation, shortening the time to release by 6.5 days and improving test coverage.
The overall requirement from Inspired Testing was to provide testing and quality assurance support on all the learner journeys developed by Virtual College for both their bespoke and ready-to-go clients to ensure that Virtual College remains ‘most learner focussed’. Virtual College’s e-learning courses are developed by their product teams in response to client needs and the wider requirements of the market.
Scouts embarked on an operational critical project to upgrade The Scout’s membership system known as Compass, which is relied upon for Scouting across the nations. The solution manages the processing of permits, training and compliance procedures therefor an incredibly important system to maintain and manage as well as to make sure it is robust.
MiX Telematics identified 680+ test cases under its web-based DynaMix Fleet Management product offering, as candidates for Automated Testing. Inspired Testing was consulted to identify possible solutions to increase effective test coverage and testing turnaround time.