Infocare is a UK-based healthcare systems solution provider, developing innovative software solutions for patients and clinicians. Testing such a robust and ever-evolving system is fraught with challenges, which is why Infocare turned to Inspired Testing for expert advice and support.
Vula is a unique service that directly connects health workers in rural and remote areas in South Africa with specialist doctors at regional and urban hospitals via a two-way smartphone application. Initially launched for ophthalmologists in 2014, the app was expanded to include cardiology, orthopaedics and burns in 2016 and today features 11 specialties, with more on the way.
An international financial institution needed software testing of 53 products within its Enterprise Salesforce Application as part of its expansion in Zimbabwe and Kenya. A tight deadline necessitated innovative thinking, as manual test execution took 2.5 hours per product. Using an Agile approach to test automation, test execution time was reduced to a total of only 35 hours, a 3.8 x improvement in speed.
The client has a very lean IT operation and will be rolling out various new initiatives in the near future. Realising the importance of software quality, they sought assistance in defining a clear test strategy as well as flexible provisioning of experienced quality engineers to execute the strategy.