The client required an experienced testing partner that understands the complex nature of a legal organisation’s specialised requirements, including the known problem areas commonly found in complex legal software implementations. They needed a flexible, expert approach to performance testing that performs to specified non-functional requirements, as well as guidance on performance strategies that align directly with Elite 3E, based on proven experience and skills.
Nedgroup Investments developed the first end-to-end digital investment platform in South Africa, Extraordinary Life. Multiple expert teams collaborated to develop the solution, which provides a paper-free, chatbot-based investment platform to South Africans who might not have been able to make investments with confidence before. The platform integrated multiple technologies and needed a complex architecture and automation strategy.
Software quality assurance within information technology is a quickly growing service within the client, a global law firm with more than 56 offices around the world. With the goal of expanding on the continuity of quality and maximising value to the firm, it required a single global delivery partner to establish a Testing Center of Excellence and deliver test automation of its Elite 3E upgrades, among other projects.
CMS Legal Services EEIG needed to migrate from legacy Enterprise to Elite 3E. Errors in the migration process and differing configurations between the two systems lead to data errors. These data errors carry the risk of financial losses and damage to their reputation as it may lead to clients being billed incorrectly. The sheer volume of data that needed to be imported was tremendous. Simple calculations of Matter numbers and Timekeepers within the system totalled 1 085 840 unique combinations, all of which carried risk. CMS needed a reliable method of testing all these combinations regularly and at speed.