Broaden your horizons with an Inspired Testing international work placement

30 Jun 2022
Broaden your horizons with an Inspired Testing international work placement

Irshaad Samaai is a Senior Software Performance Test Analyst at Inspired Testing, a Dynamic Technologies group company. Irshaad was one of two people that Inspired Testing sent to the UK to work on a project for a London-based client. Irshaad is responsible for developing and executing formal Software Performance test plans to ensure the delivery of quality software applications. He is involved in test planning, writing test cases/scripts, test case automation, performance test execution, and the analysis of performance test results. This skillset, and his previous remote work experience on UK-based projects, made him a natural choice for the posting.

Cape Town-based Irshaad has been working remotely on UK-based projects for several years. He says, “Travelling to and exploring London has always been at the top of my list, so when the opportunity arose to work and live there for a time, I seized it.”

From left to right: Irshaad Samaai, Dylan Luis, Bruce Zaayman.

For André Barnard, Chief People and Culture Officer at Inspired Testing, one of the greatest benefits of resourcing skilled South African workers out to international clients is the experience they get. He says, “Inspired Testing is strongly focused on skills development and training, and this includes working with international clients. Having our people on-site is an added bonus for both parties.”

This is particularly important to Irshaad, who is motivated by constantly upskilling himself while being exposed to and working on a range of new technologies as they come about. He says, “Living and working in London for this short period has taught me that there’s so much more out there to experience. Living in the UK for the first time has been a huge eye-opener for me and the impact it has had on my perspective of the world has been immense. Even things as simple as the public transport system or feeling completely at ease walking alone in the city centre at night, are amazing. It will without any doubt serve as my motivation to continue growing and improving on both a personal and work level.”

Bruce Zaayman, Inspired Testing’s Director of Specialised Services says, “International on-site deployments such as Irshaad’s provide another layer of value to our clients, while offering opportunities to gain global exposure and grow their skills and experience.”

This placement has had a definite impact on Irshaad. “Inspired Testing gave me this opportunity and I am 100% committed to making it a success and learning everything I can from it.” After all, he says, “There is always room for more growth and improvement both personally and professionally. I would absolutely do this again and I’m looking forward to our second UK deployment.”