Living and working in London with Inspired Testing

21 Jul 2022
Living and working in London with Inspired Testing

Dylan Luis is a Senior Performance Test Engineer at Inspired Testing, a Dynamic Technologies group company. As a test engineer his job is to design test solutions for client software, helping provide quality assurance. He says, “I’ve always had an interest in IT but was unsure if I wanted to pursue it. I enrolled in Inspired Testing’s internship programme and as soon as I got started, I knew this was the career for me.”

Dylan’s experience working remotely on UK-based projects made him an obvious choice when a London-based client requested on-site testing for a special project, and he leaped at the chance. He says, “I’ve travelled overseas a few times and always wanted to experience working in a European country, but the cost of relocating is just huge – this was an opportunity that was too good to miss.”

André Barnard, Chief People and Culture Officer at Inspired Testing, says, “Upskilling our people is integral to Inspired Testing’s – and the Dynamic Technologies group’s – culture, and part of this is ensuring they get international experience. Previously this has been through remote work but relocating our people for jobs such as this is working very well for all parties.”

For Dylan, this experience has been valuable on both a personal and a professional level. From the marked difference between his daily commute from Paarl to Cape Town and the London Underground, right through to the convenience of self-checkout at the corner grocery store, it has been an eye-opening experience. “Having this work opportunity in the UK has given me great insight into what life is like here. Unlike on a holiday or travelling as a tourist, I get to live, commute, and work as if I were a UK citizen. It’s a completely new perspective.”

Inspired Testing’s Director of Specialised Services Bruce Zaayman believes this type of opportunity benefits both the company and its people. He says, “We have some incredibly skilled people on our team. To be able to deploy them internationally ensures that our clients are getting the absolute best value from us. At the same time, the people we send out are getting invaluable experience while fulfilling any desire they have to work abroad.”

As for Dylan, he has been enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of London. From pizza and burgers at Burger & Beyond and Crust Bros to the Italian beer Birra Moretti, the markets and street food, the incredible architecture, and the history of the city, he’s soaking up as much of the culture as he can get. And when it comes to what the future holds, he’s open to the possibilities. “I will see where the road leads me. I take life and its changes as opportunities and accept them as they present themselves. Inspired Testing has enabled this amazing experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to develop both my personal and work skills and insights.”