9 Characteristics of a Passionate Software Tester

07 Mar 2019
9 characteristics of a passionate software tester.

It takes particular skills and an in-depth understanding of the software testing world to be a great tester. We need technical know-how, the ability to identify the latest trends and - of course - software testing savvy. These are skills that can be learned and practised over time. However, there is another non-cognitive trait that separates the mediocre tester from the tester par excellence: passion.

Now, passion may be a bit of a strong word for those of us blessed with the quintessential British stiff upper lip, but perhaps if we define it in other words, the path to igniting – or reigniting - your inner testing fire might be easier than you think.

What defines passionate software testers?

Passionate people are excited by what they do. They have a mission. As an ignited software tester, your mission is to find errors, to evaluate the capability of a programme and make sure it meets the required results. Your mission becomes your driving force.

Passionate people have courage. An impassioned software tester is not afraid to present their findings, to ask questions and discuss critical scenarios, while keeping an open, innovative mind.

Passionate people prioritise. A software tester driven by passion will understand the priorities of each project and not get side-tracked.

Passionate people can live with uncertainty and discomfort in the journey towards achieving their goal. A software tester will often work outside of designated titles, role specs and the boundaries of methodologies. Testers who can adapt become valuable members of the team.

Passionate people are evolved. The best software testers possess emotional maturity and conversational intelligence. They are able to think from the perspective of the end user.

Passionate people are focused and think clearly. Working with passion as a software tester means you don’t waste time and you think with an overall analytical mindset.

Passionate people keep learning. Software testers who constantly improve their skills and knowledge will keep their passion alive, as they grow and learn with changing technologies.

Passionate people are positive. A software tester who keeps their humour, who is supportive, enthusiastic and stays cool under pressure is invaluable in this fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.

Finally, you should know that software testers have great purpose. You are not the passionless gap between wizard developers and the all-important end user. Your vocation isn’t a stopover for confused IT graduates to pass the time until something better comes along. Software testing makes a massive difference to millions of people in a multitude of ways. It ensures that an organisation is producing quality software for real-life purposes. And while not all testers are associated with software that is used for noble purposes, for example, diagnosing life-threatening health conditions, never doubt and never forget that at the end of the line are real people whose lives have been enriched, made easier or better, or positively impacted because of YOUR efforts. Software testing is a calling and in some cases a gift. Let your inner passion be your driving force to software testing excellence.

This article was inspired by Hannah Gopi, Lead Consultant: QA Managed and Professional Services at software testing company Inspired Testing.

Inspired Testing’s disruptive onshore offshore model offers a revitalised alternative to outdated offshore models. With a scalable pool of 250+ expert QA professionals in the UK and South Africa, the company’s strength lies in knowing how to structure, execute and automate testing, using a unique combination of experience, technique and blended onshore offshore delivery capabilities and testing across most platforms, devices and environments. www.inspiredtesting.com

Inspired Testing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Technologies, a software and technology group with 1 000+ staff and ten group companies across the UK and South Africa, providing a diverse range of technology solutions, digital services and related core competencies. Our group companies comprise DVT (which includes the DVT Academy), Cloudsmiths, DotModus, EventSmiths, Swarm, Blue Pencil Consulting, Inspired Testing, Emerald Consulting, Dynamic DNA and DTH Services. www.dynamic-tech.com

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