What Is A Coverage Matrix?

What Is A Coverage Matrix?
Sastri Munsamy
Executive: technology and Innovation for Inspired Testing

A coverage matrix is used to make sure that a piece of software has been thoroughly tested. It includes new feature testing, application coverage and code coverage.

A coverage matrix is used to trace the requirements from the client to the tests that are needed to verify whether the requirements are fulfilled. Like all other testing artefacts, a coverage matrix will vary between organisations.

Test Matrix And Traceability Matrix

A test matrix is used to capture the actual quality, the effort, the plan, resources and time required to complete all phases of software testing. A coverage matrix, also known as a traceability matrix, maps the test cases and customer requirements.

Test Cases Per Requirement

A coverage matrix helps to break down test cases per requirement, which is very helpful when requirements, test cases and results are laid out next to each other in a document.

A coverage matrix can help to answer the following questions:

  • Are we testing enough?
  • Are we testing too much?
  • What is the level of testing coverage that our test cases achieve?
  • If a deadline is looming, what is the level of coverage that we could achieve in half as many tests as we have planned?

Benefits Of A Coverage Matrix

  • Assures the quality of the test,
  • It can help identify which portions of the code were modified for the update, fix or release,
  • It can help to determine the paths in your software that have not been tested,
  • It can prevent defects,
  • It can assist in keeping time, scope and cost under control,
  • It can pick up bugs in the early stages of the project life cycle,
  • It can help to determine all the decision points in the software, which can assist with test coverage, and
  • It can identify gaps in requirements, test cases and defects at the unit level.

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