Guarantee a Positive Online Shopping Experience with Software Testing

27 Jul 2022
Guarantee a Positive Online Shopping Experience with Software Testing

Online retail has boomed in the past few years, in no small part in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Competition is fierce and the pressure is on to deliver not only on price but on a positive online shopping experience.

“An online store is no different than a brick-and-mortar one in terms of a few key requirements,” says Izak Burger, Delivery Manager at Inspired Testing. “To ensure a positive shopping experience, both store types need to guarantee accurate pricing, sufficient stock, and properly functioning point of sale systems.”

A positive online shopping experience can only be guaranteed through sufficient and efficient software testing. Broken product links and broken or inefficient payment portals will drive your customers to your competitor’s websites and cause reputational damage. Constant system changes are inevitable as online stores need to stay competitive and up to date with new technologies and trends, and thorough testing should be prioritized to ensure a positive user experience throughout.

5 Unmissable Questions of a Great Software Testing Approach.

“An efficient and sufficient test approach should cover the following questions,” says Izak:

  • Are the system changes, be it existing functionality updates or brand-new functionality, functioning correctly as per the business requirements? This can be achieved by thorough Functional Testing.
  • What is the impact of the system change on existing functionality? This can be achieved by Regression Testing. The more system changes the bigger your regression testing needs. This pressure can be relieved through Automated Regression Testing.
  • What is the impact of the changes on system performance? Don’t keep the customer waiting. This can be achieved by effective system Performance Testing.
  • Is the useability of the site still the best it can be with the new changes incorporated? This can be achieved by Usability Testing. This form of testing covers aspects such as accessibility, usability, findability, desirability, usefulness, and more.
  • Does the system still have enough burglar bars and alarms based on the changes added? Cybercrime is becoming an increasing threat to retail companies due to the increase in online traffic and transacting. Solid Security Testing will mitigate this huge risk.

“The lack of proper testing of system changes can drive away custom and turn a giant retailer into a corner café,” Izak says. Besides mitigating risks, efficient and sufficient testing will give your online site that polished edge which might just put you ahead of your competitors. Be sure to include it in your strategy!

Inspired Testing Features in Supermarket & Retailer Magazine

The most recent issue of Supermarket and Retailer magazine features an in-depth section on retail automation and payment solutions, including an interview with Izak Burger on the importance of testing a system.

You can view the in-depth retail automation and payment solution section below.

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