Nadine Heasman

Nadine Heasman

Test Lead

Nadine Heasman is a versatile and results-oriented team player with an energetic and articulate approach to software testing. She has a strong drive to see test deliverables through to completion, whilst maintaining a focus on quality engineering. Her testing career began in the UK at AXA where she observed the value of having a transparent, lean, customer focused work culture. Operating effectively and efficiently is important to her and she enjoys identifying and implementing methods to save time, resources and money.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like – and what it takes – to succeed and flourish as a woman in the male-dominated technology industry?

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Tuesday, 26 January 2021 08:47

Change your mindset with Exploratory Testing

I’ve often been asked about Exploratory Testing and how it fits into the normally rule-oriented quality assurance process, and the first thing I say is that “it doesn’t”.

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Thursday, 12 November 2020 11:24

Functional Testing - What Why How

Functional Testing, at its basic level, is used to determine if the user-facing functions of a system perform correctly. It’s less concerned about back-end processing and more about outcomes: does a user get the expected result when interacting with the system?

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Thursday, 12 November 2020 11:01

Exploratory Testing - What Why How

Also known as Ad-Hoc Testing, Exploratory Testing is done without any predetermined test scripts to interrogate various functions in a software application, website or system in order to discover any unforeseen weaknesses and report on the overall veracity of the system.

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