Inspired Testing appoints Clinton Da Costa Brown as Chief Growth Officer

New role aims to double revenue in 3 years

Clinton Da Costa Brown, Chief Growth Officer
Clinton Da Costa Brown, Chief Growth Officer

Global software testing and quality assurance services company Inspired Testing has appointed former SSP Business Development Manager, experienced sales executive, customer relationship, risk management and digital transformation specialist, Clinton Da Costa Brown, to the newly created position of Chief Growth Officer.

With a view to doubling its revenue over the next 3 years, the appointment coincides with Inspired Testing’s expansion into Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa to further enhance its significant growth from its well-established South African and UK operations.

“My initial 20 years’ experience centered around client advice, product innovation, risk management and distribution within financial services at Sanlam, Momentum, Sasfin and Aon. This was the business side of Healthcare, Life and General Insurance which initially had nothing to do with technology but always focused on adding value to clients,” says Clinton.

“My switch 10 years ago into the technology side allowed me to bridge business and technology needs across South and Sub-Saharan Africa organisations. During varied transformational journeys it’s been a privilege to help prestigious and established organisations enhance their growth through the modernisation of processes and technology. Projects typically involved streamlining the customer journey, legacy and digital transformation, integrations and third-party data enrichment.”

Inspired Testing CEO Jacques Fouché says Clinton will be part of the company’s Executive and will be working closely with both the South African and the United Kingdom management teams.

“I’m delighted that Clinton has joined the group and believe he brings significant experience to add further credibility to the work we’re currently doing, and want to be doing, in the near future,” says Jacques.

“I see Clinton’s role primarily focusing on driving an international sales strategy, instilling formal sales process and discipline in the organisation, looking after and growing our existing client portfolio, and managing and expanding our Channel and Referral Partner model,” he says. “He’ll also be involved in leading our marketing efforts, including the development of marketing strategies for the various markets we target, and continuing with our PR efforts to expose our rapidly growing brand.”

Clinton says Software Quality Assurance has never been more important. Businesses and individuals are increasingly reliant on software and systems for everything they do, so it’s becoming ever more critical it works and customers have access 100% of the time. Robustly tested software enhances and protects brand credibility, revenue growth, compliance, security and well-being.

“The world has shifted into a new pandemic led ‘normal’ where online commerce and communications are expected. In this complex environment, for businesses to scale, it’s impossible to succeed where poor software quality impacts data integrity, integration efficiency and performance. I’m excited at the prospect of helping clients reduce their risks through software quality enhancement to enable exponential growth.”

“In my first couple of weeks with Inspired Testing I’ve been very impressed by our talented team and their commitment to overcoming our client’s challenges. My immediate aim is to support our team’s customer, sales and marketing efforts and then develop and execute on our focused growth strategy, which will transform Inspired Testing into a growth driven organisation.”