Inspired Testing announces partnership with Tricentis

05 May 2022
Inspired Testing announces partnership with Tricentis
Nadine du Toit, Chief Services & Innovation Officer, Inspired Testing
Nadine du Toit, Chief Services
& Innovation Officer, Inspired Testing

Global software testing and consulting services company Inspired Testing has formalised its partnership with Tricentis, one of the world’s largest continuous software testing and test automation solutions providers.

Tasked specifically with service delivery and augmentation in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and UK markets, Inspired Testing has officially been appointed as a Tricentis referral, service, and implementation partner.

The partnership will focus on further expanding Tricentis’ rapidly-growing market for its Tosca intelligent test automation offering, which covers all aspects of modern digital transformation projects using automated quality assurance processes to reduce risk and accelerate go-to-market for medium-to-large organisations. It will also build on the longstanding and successful relationship between Inspired Testing and Tricentis’ industry-leading performance testing solution, NeoLoad.

“This is an incredibly proud moment for us and continues the momentum we’ve created and global footprint we’ve established as a provider of holistic software development and quality assurance services,” says Nadine du Toit, Chief Services & Innovation Officer for Inspired Testing.

“The partnership is the result of our demonstrated commitment to Tricentis and its innovative solutions that gives our expert consultants the tools and technologies they need to deliver the very best in tailored test automation and performance testing services to our clients,” says du Toit.

“We believe the only way to add value and create meaningful change is to actively develop our human resources, and to that end, we’ve embarked on an ambitious upskilling, cross-skilling, and skills development campaign that will see a further 25 Inspired Testing consultants certifying with Tricentis and working as specialised functional teams, automation specialists, extension developers, and test architects.”

As part of the partnership Inspired Testing will be merging the Inspired Testing Training capability (via the Inspired Academy) to offer Tricentis Tosca mentorship and coaching for certifications. This will serve to grow the current consulting base with Tricentis skills, and directly increase and improve the range and capacity of Tricentis-based services that Inspired Testing can offer.

“We are delighted to be building on our shared success with Inspired Testing. Tricentis is looking forward to taking the next meaningful steps in our respective markets by giving our customers even more value, better technology, and improved services together,” said George Smith, Partner Manager for UKI at Tricentis.

Du Toit says Inspired Testing will actively co-sell and co-deliver specialised services built around Tricentis’s next-generation of AI-driven testing tools.

“The partnership gives us the resources we need to mobilise our existing skills, experience, capability and certification to drive our combined business strategy and evolve into direct service providers for Tricentis customers in the region, and beyond.”

Nadine du Toit

Chief Services & Innovation Officer, Inspired Testing

Nadine Du Toit is an innovative leader with extensive IT experience in South Africa and globally across all major industries. Her key role at Inspired Testing is Chief Services and Innovation Officer. A member of Inspired Testing’s Executive Committee, Nadine is also responsible for global innovation strategy, ensuring clients have access to the business technology innovations most aligned to their industry needs.