Inspired Testing Collabs with Innovative Insurance Player

08 Feb 2023
Inspired Testing Collabs with Innovative Insurance Player

Inspired Testing has entered a strategic talent collaboration agreement with an innovative new player in the insurance space.

The client has reimagined the use of technology in the insurance arena, reducing the administrative burden, manual involvement and human biases that are typical in the current process. Instead, it relies on AI, data augmentation, and process automation to provide the best product to its clients. Known for its market-changing solutions, its collaboration with Inspired Testing will allow its software development team to fearlessly deploy in far less time than is traditional.

As a software testing company, Inspired Testing understands the importance of delivering a quality product, and its expertise enables its clients to do so at speed. Inspired Testing’s outsourced managed testing service allows its clients to reduce the cost of recruitment, upskilling, and training and solves the headache of staff turnover that is so prevalent in the industry.

Ansa du Plessis

Technical Copywriter, Inspired Testing

Ansa is an experienced copywriter with a passion for technology, science, and communication. She’s a strategic thinker and closely collaborates with the experts at Inspired Testing to create material that adds true value to her readers.