Inspired Testing Committed To Continued Excellence As Elite Charts A New Path With Ownership Change

27 Jun 2023
Inspired testing committed to continued excellence as elite charts a new path with ownership change.

Inspired Testing is excited to continue its journey with Elite as it transfers majority ownership from Thomson Reuters to TPG Inc. Enabling leading law firms around the world to digitally transform and thrive as a global leader in software testing of the Elite 3E product, Inspired Testing is committed to continuing serving 3E clients.

TPG is a leading global alternative asset management firm and has a history of investing in software companies that address the unique needs of vertical markets. The transfer will see it as the majority shareholder of the standalone business, with Thomson Reuters still providing support to Elite through minority ownership. This move will enable Elite to accelerate growth and better support its clients in this quest for digital transformation within a very complex environment. The standalone business will focus on content-enabled technology, including AI and automated workflow solutions, which will enable its customers to work more efficiently.

“Inspired Testing is a trusted software testing company with both Technology and Implementation partnership status with Thomson Reuters, and now Elite, a fact that speaks volumes to its expertise in all aspects related to Elite 3E,” says Managing Executive Nadine du Toit. “Our success across the US and UK sees us working with some of the world’s largest law firms such as CMS to enable smooth transitions and customisations to Elite 3E.”

A change in software systems carries a major risk to any law firm due to the complexity of these systems. Inspired Testing’s software testing services include a 3E Automation Accelerator which allows 3E activation from the get-go, data migration testing to ensure that all data is transferred correctly from one system to the next, and performance testing to validate that a 3E installation can handle a large number of concurrent users without impacting the user experience.

Through Inspired Testing, law firms can continue to confidently embrace new technologies without sacrificing performance or efficiency. Inspired Testing’s team of experts is committed to supporting all Elite 3E versions and working with the end-users to achieve a smooth transition on any of their 3E implementation or upgrade projects and customisation.

As an innovative and global leader in software testing, Inspired Testing will continue to expand its 3E capability and flexible service offering in alignment with Elite’s growth strategy as a trusted Technology and Implementation partner and ensure long-term value.

Ansa du Plessis

Technical Copywriter, Inspired Testing

Ansa is an experienced copywriter with a passion for technology, science, and communication. She’s a strategic thinker and closely collaborates with the experts at Inspired Testing to create material that adds true value to her readers.