Uncovering Top Talent with AI-driven recruitment tool

18 Oct 2023
Uncovering Top Talent with AI-driven recruitment tool

Becca Leslie, Head of Global Recruitment (left) and Jéhan Coetzee, Head of Consulting at Inspired Testing.

Inspired Testing, a global software testing and quality assurance company is excited to announce the creation of their new proprietary talent acquisition tool and its availability as a service. As a company that prides itself on the quality of services delivered to its extensive range of clients in the legal, fintech, retail, and other industries, it is important to employ the best talent possible. Hampered by the limitations of existing technical assessment tools, Inspired Testing set out to create a bespoke tool that matches a potential candidate’s suitability to the company's exact requirements. By harnessing the power of AI, this customised approach also addresses the challenge of objectivity during the interview process. It negates the need to utilise costly company resources to perform interviews, saving time and speeding up the interview process. This new process creates a complete talent profile for each candidate based on the company’s way of working rather than generic metrics. This custom approach is proving tremendously successful. In fact, one of Inspired Testing’s clients, a major South African financial institution, has approached the company to make use of this service as part of its own recruitment process.

“Our previous recruitment process held a few challenges that we wanted to address,” explains Jéhan Coetzee, Head of Consulting at Inspired Testing. “As with most tech companies, our process involved technical assessments using standardised tools and further interviews and assessments by senior staff members. This process was flawed in that we couldn’t find a tool that could both ask the right questions based on our business needs and interpret the results correctly. Furthermore, our results were influenced by the subjectivity of our team members doing the interviews. Utilising senior team members carried a cost in terms of capacity and removing them from billable work, so we are also seeing positive results in cost-saving.”

Coetzee and his team, in collaboration with the Talent Acquisition department, went on to create a custom tool combining the strength of AI and the test intelligence of their experts. The new assessments are based on existing case studies of previous work done for clients. This evaluates potential candidates’ ability to apply technical knowledge in real-world projects. The assessment of culture and company fit, consultancy and communication skills is done by the Talent Acquisition team based on an AI-generated scorecard.

“All these aspects combine to give a holistic talent profile of each candidate,” Coetzee continues. “This tool merges the power of AI with our decades of expertise in the software testing industry and is under constant review for improvement. It solves the challenges of interviewer bias and the capacity of available senior staff to conduct interviews. In addition, we know that our talent is ready and capable to start delivering quality software testing to our clients from the get-go.”

“The cut-throat environment of tech recruitment requires placing the right candidate at the right place at the right time,” comments Head of Global Recruitment at Inspired Testing, Becca Leslie. “The pace of the software testing landscape demands that we recruit and place people we can be truly confident have the right skills and fit for the position. Traditional recruitment processes often rely on resumes that can be subjective and filled with unnecessary information, but our data-driven technical assessment tool cuts through the excess and focuses on objective data that truly matters. This ensures that we make informed decisions based on candidates’ actual abilities and skills, enhancing the overall efficiency and accuracy of our talent acquisition process. This allows us to shorten the recruitment time from phone screen to offer to suitable candidates from two weeks to only 5 days.”

"In today's high-velocity software testing landscape, swift recruitment without compromising on talent is pivotal,” says Coetzee. “Leveraging our deep-rooted expertise and the unparalleled efficiencies of AI, we can revolutionise the recruitment process, ensuring that businesses always have the top-notch testing professionals they need, right when they need them."

Inspired Testing is now offering recruitment services based on this ground-breaking technology. The service will combine each client’s unique business requirements with the power of AI to enable informed recruitment decisions. Interested parties may contact Becca Leslie at bleslie@inspiredtesting.com

Ansa du Plessis

Technical Copywriter, Inspired Testing

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