Inspired Testing and Risk X Collaborate For Seamless Software Security

14 Dec 2023
Inspired Testing and Risk X Collaborate For Seamless Software Security

Inspired Testing, a global software testing company, and Risk X, a specialist cybersecurity provider, are thrilled to announce their new strategic partnership. This collaboration seeks to deliver seamless and comprehensive software security solutions as part of Inspired Testing's curated network of trusted partners.

Security is a paramount concern for businesses across all industries, with estimates by cybersecurity experts stating that 2022 witnessed the exposure of over 3 billion records. Data breaches not only compromise sensitive information but also erode customer trust.

Under this partnership, Inspired Testing will offer Risk X's highly skilled cybersecurity and penetration testing services to clients looking to strengthen their cybersecurity posture. As leading software testing experts, Inspired Testing recognises the need for a specialised skill set and expertise in security. Inspired Testing's network of curated security testing providers, such as Risk X, forms part of a streamlined process to help its clients find security testing solutions to suit their specific needs.

With this approach, the client has a single point of contact through Inspired Testing, saving valuable time and resources to focus on their growth and success rather than searching for and evaluating multiple security testing providers.

"We are honoured to collaborate with Inspired Testing to deliver innovative cyber-risk management solutions to our clients. As the cybersecurity landscape grows increasingly intricate, forging strategic partnerships becomes integral in addressing evolving threats effectively. Our skilled Risk X team is excited to get stuck into the security challenges clients face. We strongly believe security should be embedded right into the development cycle and couldn't have asked for a better partner to offer a complete testing capability," Frans Botes, Technical Director of Risk X, noted. "This partnership strengthens our commitment to providing skilled, accredited security services, empowering businesses to navigate today's evolving threat landscape while ensuring robust protection for their operations and clients."

Nadine du Toit, Managing Executive at Inspired Testing, elaborated on the importance of such partnerships: "Many organisations are finding it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape, which is increasingly complicated by the complexity of tools and evolving security risks." She continues, "As a result, organisations across the globe are adopting security solutions to improve the effectiveness of their security operations and reduce the risk of impact to their business and consumers. As a leader in client-focused software testing, we’re proud to offer security services in partnership with an accredited and excellent provider such as Risk X to achieve innovative cyber-risk management."

The partnership between Inspired Testing and Risk X is a testament to a shared vision of delivering world-class software security solutions to clients. Combining expertise and experience in software testing and cybersecurity offers a unique value proposition that sets them apart from competitors. Interested parties are welcome to contact Nadine at to discuss how we can assist your business at the forefront of security testing.

Ansa du Plessis

Technical Copywriter, Inspired Testing

Ansa is an experienced copywriter with a passion for technology, science, and communication. She’s a strategic thinker and closely collaborates with the experts at Inspired Testing to create material that adds true value to her readers.