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An international financial institution needed software testing of 53 products within its Enterprise Salesforce Application as part of its expansion in Zimbabwe and Kenya. A tight deadline necessitated innovative thinking, as manual test execution took 2.5 hours per product. Using an Agile approach to test automation, test execution time was reduced to a total of only 35 hours, a 3.8 x improvement in speed.
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Nedgroup Investments developed the first end-to-end digital investment platform in South Africa, Extraordinary Life. Multiple expert teams collaborated to develop the solution, which provides a paper-free, chatbot-based investment platform to South Africans who might not have been able to make investments with confidence before. The platform integrated multiple technologies and needed a complex architecture and automation strategy.
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Friday, 09 June 2023 11:12

Enabling Innovation In The Isle Of Man

An established financial institution in the Isle of Man received an operating license to establish a new bank and it needed a Software Quality Assurance (SQA) solution to support its audit signoff requirements.
The client introduced new life insurance software to their South African market. Manual regression testing cycles took 8 -12 hours to complete. Through a holistic approach to test automation, test cycle times were reduced by 81%.
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A new business solution provided by an international financial institution required software testing of 60 product variations. The project was hampered by the time it took to do manual test execution of the Total Regression Test Pack. Through a holistic approach based on our test automation expertise, a solution was implemented that shortened the Total Regression Test Pack cycle from 7.5 days to only working 1.5 days.
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Monday, 13 February 2023 19:51

Quality Assurance As A Service

Enterprise software giant SAGE works with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) listed on their digital Marketplace to expand their offering. SAGE requires vendors to go through an accreditation process, of which rigorous and in-depth functional software testing is an integral part.
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