Quality at speed

Stay agile with our AI-enhanced Test Automation. Catch defects early, speed up development, and deliver high-quality software swiftly.

Improved quality and efficiency

  • Self-healing tests reduce flakiness and maintenance
  • Reduced test cycle times improve your time to market.
  • Speed up regression testing.
  • Increase test coverage.
  • Mitigate business risk through frequent testing.
  • Cost-effective, efficient testing.
  • Smoothly integrate automated testing into SDLC.

Custom software quality solutions

strategic test consulting

Get expert advice on a fit-for-purpose strategy to take your software quality to the next level.

Outsourced managed services

Let Inspired Testing take full responsibility for quality outcomes through a strategic managed service.

Talent augmentation

Our expert testers will seamlessly slot into your teams, allowing you to up-or downscale your teams as needed.

Our AI-Enabled Open-Source Automation Framework

Save your company from costly defects with our Inspired Testing-developed open-source test automation framework.

  • Inspired Testing’s collective experience and expertise built-in.
  • Fully customisable to suit your automation needs.
  • Library of pre-built functions to enable quicker start-up and shorter scripting times.
  • Constantly evolving and improving based on our real-world experience and lessons learned.
  • So easy to use, even non-technical testers can integrate into it.
  • Capable of creating a bespoke solution that can be extended to suit requirements.
  • End-to-end process automation.
  • Automation across all test levels.
  • Get detailed reports.
  • Integrates with a wide range of technology, including BrowserStack and all other industry-standard test management tools.
  • Scalable to run tests in the 100s or 1000s if needed.
  • Follows industry-standard object-orientated design principles so easy to understand for technical teams.
  • Open-source.
  • No licence cost involved.


Inspired Testing is tool agnostic. Tool selection is based on the right tool for the purpose rather than any other pre-existing preference.

Inspired Testing is tool agnostic.

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