Test Automation

Test Automation


Test automation increases overall software efficiency and ensures robust software quality.

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Why use us to automate your regression testing?

  • Reduced test cycle times improves your time to market
  • English speaking, international business culture means we understand your requirements quickly
  • No time zone barriers (Europe and Africa) make it easy to work with us
  • Reduced software testing costs through automation, our own framework and a favourable exchange rate
  • A team of 150+ automation scripters who are a part of 250 testing professionals to give you peace of mind
  • Automated regression testing to support your Agile teams

One of the biggest business perks of automated testing is that it can be implemented time and again, with minimal effort and maximum accuracy.

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Outsourced Automation Skills
According to the World Quality Reports by Capgemini Automated Test coverage is stagnating. This is partly due to a lack of skills within Automation. Outsourcing your Automation Testing allows you to tap in to years of experience within the Industry - let us guide you.
Tool Agnostic
Inspired Testing prides itself on being tool Agnostic. We use the tools that are fit for purpose rather than based on previous agreements.
Open Source vs Enterprise
Inspired Testing has spent years working with Open Source and Enterprise tools and can advise on the best tool / systems to fit your testing needs and budget.
Test Automation is beneficial if you and your business ARE constantly trying to:
  • Shorten your test cycle to deliver software quicker without hiring more testers?
  • Increase test coverage of new functionality without sacrificing on regression testing?
  • Test more frequently to mitigate business risk?
  • Test more efficiently without spending millions?
  • Incorporate your test cycles into a DevOps process?
What our experts say
Frequently asked questions
  • What is automation and automation testing?

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    Automated testing is the act of running specific tests through automation such as regression testing compared to overseeing them manually. Test automation is a type of software testing and refers to automating the processes of tracking and managing the various tests.

  • What are the different types of test automation?

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    Automation testing includes unit testing, smoke testing, functional testing, integration testing and regression testing.

  • What are the best automation testing tools?

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    Here are just some of the tools used for test automation; Ranorex, Selenium, Lambda Test, TestComplete, Experitest, Katalon studio, Qmetry Automation Studio.

  • What are the benefits/ advantages of automation testing services?

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    Inspired Testing delivers specialized automation testing services to help your company:

    • reach higher ROI as automation takes less time, needing less manual testers, reducing overall project cost.
    • achieve reliable testing results faster compared to manual or repetitive testing
    • offers consistent and comprehensive test coverage for all the features of an app or system.
    • require fewer humans to deliver and perform more accurate testing, making it a more efficient approach.
    • by not needing to create test scripts over and over in finding defects or bugs in the early stages of web development
    • test on more devices simultaneously helps harvesting more valuable information for comparative reports.