The Global Test Centre 11-point Value Proposition

  1. Testing Tool Neutrality
    Selenium, Appium, Jenkins, UFT, Ranorex, QA Symphony, NeoLoad open source, cost effective, we will upskill in new or customer’ technologies and tools usually free of charge.

  2. Proprietary Test Automation Framework
    Known as U-TAH [Unified Test Automation Hybrid Framework] including BDD [Behaviour Driven Development] with continuous improvement through its own SDLC.

  3. Continuous Integration or CI
    Achieved through Jenkins [CI tool] used as part of our daily automation regression runs, where automating the build and testing of code every time a team member commits changes to version control. This includes providing a daily “health status check” to our clients for their applications at no additional cost.

  4. Delivery Management
    Mature delivery structure using Scrum Management Framework, Kanban and various Agile methods, practices and techniques, with full Client Reporting.

  5. Consulting Services
    Experienced, highly respected and competent testing expertise in Automation, Performance and Manual Testing strategy, implementation and delivery.

  1. Ramp up / down Capability
    Contractual, team and capacity flexibility for changing testing needs.

  2. Research and Development
    Investigation and development of new testing tools, techniques, methods and practices with incorporation into the delivery teams.

  3. Cross-industry project experience
    40+ concurrent projects in Asset Management, Insurance, Banking, Retail Finance, Retail, Betting, Logistics, Transport, Education, Telecoms, Agriculture and more.

  4. Specialist Testing Capability
    Performance Testing and mobile Testing with a mobile device farm. Digital, POS, CRM/SalesForce and RPA [Robotic Process Automation].

  5. Outsourced Service
    Remote connectivity delivery, no testing structure required, no people challenges like recruitment, leave, sickness etc.

  6. Price disruptive
    Flexible pricing models that include T&M, Fixed Cost and Team/value based.

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