Keep up with ever-changing consumer behaviour by delivering a seamless customer experience across all channels.

Seamless customer experience

Global experts in retail software testing Inspired Testing enable organisations to deliver an uninterrupted customer experience across the retail lifecycle from warehousing to e-commerce or brick-and-mortar stores. Organisations are empowered to face the accelerating digital transformation head-on with the confidence that software installations and integrations are functioning as expected.


Inspired Testing empowers organisations to deliver seamless experiences across the retail lifecycle.


Your challenges

Cart conversions

Reduce abandoned carts by removing obstacles that drive buyers to your competitors.

Enhanced customer experience

Build brand loyalty through a smooth customer experience throughout the purchase cycle.

Multichannel accessibility

Ensure a great customer experience that anyone can access no matter their abilities or device.

Complex integrations

Validate that your entire ecosystem from logistics to e-commerce integrates seamlessly across all systems.

Security validation

Minimise risk and keep data safe by ensuring that your security controls work as intended and needed.

Omnichannel experience

Give your customer a unified experience across platforms and devices right from the start of their journey.

System performance

Handle high volumes of users and transactions with the confidence that your system can handle it.

Website performance

Ensure that your website can handle any volume of users and transactions, at any given time.


Optimise your web presence across all devices to ensure that you rank well on search engines.

Safeguard your digital landscape

Inspired Testing has established strategic partnerships with leading security testing companies to offer you advice and access to a curated network of trusted security testing providers.




Our expertise

Inspired Testing's experience and track record enable our retail customers to maximise their potential by reaching strategic testing goals.

Our testing expertise covers the width of software requirements in the retail industry from logistics and warehouse management software to payment gateways on e-commerce sites and apps.

Website performance

Validate that your website can handle peak traffic without slowing down or breaking, is accessible across devices and handles data securely.


Ensure seamless integration from payment platforms to warehouse management. Verify store functionality, accessibility, database performance, and security.

Mobile applications

Ensure your mobile application supports multiple platforms and integrates with multiple systems successfully.

Systems performance

Validate your system’s ability to handle high user and transaction loads, whether e-commerce or brick-and-mortar.

Payment gateways

Validate payment gateway integration and that the gateway performs, and functions as expected while protecting sensitive data.

Point of sale

Validate end-to-end POS integration with warehouse, inventory, supply chain, and marketing systems.

Loyalties and promotions

Test integrations with loyalty partners and validate your promotion engine to ensure that it’s working as expected and providing the correct promotional amount.

Warehouse management software

Confirm that warehouse management software functions and performs as expected and that integrations with websites, POS, and other systems work properly.


End-to-end testing of logistics and transportation management software as well as web and mobile app systems.

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