Confidence and credibility through quality

Our Purpose

At Inspired Testing, we make way for potential through quality, continuous learning, and opportunity. We enable companies to confidently keep pace with rapid technology changes while maintaining their credibility through expert software quality assurance. We empower our people to reach their full potential through continuous learning and development. Inspired Testing uses a unique combination of experience, technique and blended onshore offshore delivery capabilities to provide expert software testing across most platforms, devices and environments.

See it and
See it

Our consultants ‘See it’ by identifying a problem and ‘See it Through’ by ensuring that all defects are addressed or resolved. We leave no stone unturned in our quest for quality.

Exercise collective and

We learn from each other’s expertise and experience. We reflect on what we’ve learned to ensure that we remain on track in our quest to make things possible.


Fuelled by a passion to pursue the future, we mobilise people and businesses into their potential by asking, What’s next?

Our People

Our talented people are what sets us apart.

We live our purpose through our values in the work we do. Our global team of more than 300 people have a wealth of expertise in the testing space, and Inspired Testing actively encourages knowledge sharing to ensure everyone develops into well-rounded software quality assurance specialists.

Global Representation:

Inspired Testing's footprint globally
Test Advisory Guild - sharing expertise

The Test Advisory Guild

The Guild is our in-house expertise-sharing platform, with the aim of holistically developing and enhancing our test intelligence. The Guild offers our team mentorship and easy access to experts in the field. No obstacle is too great when Inspired Testing’s collective wisdom is applied!

Inspired Academy - Growing testing potential through on-one and online training

Inspired Academy

Software testing is an ever-evolving field. To make sure that our team stays up-to-date and on track with their career ambitions, each person at Inspired Testing has a personalised career roadmap and relevant training developed by the Inspired Academy. The Inspired Academy also provides training to external teams looking to improve their software testing skills.


Inclusive Growth

Increased globalisation and the lightning speed of technological advancement open the door to previously unimagined potential. We leave no one behind and are strongly committed to diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

As a global software testing company with strong roots in South Africa, Inspired Testing understands the value that educated women bring to not only our business but to their community and the wider country.

As such, we invest in the grassroots development of technology skills to equip woman to compete in the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Job Opportunities

We’re growing our global footprint. Inspired Testing invests and grows our people to reach their full potential. Personalised career maps identify career growth, supported by training to further develop and refine soft and technical testing skills.

Powered by Dynamic Technologies

Dynamic Technologies is a global technology group with 1 500+ staff and 8 group companies providing a comprehensive range of software and digital solutions across multiple industries and sectors. The group, comprising BPC Resourcing, CloudSmiths, DVT, Dynamic DNA, Emerald Consulting, Inspired Testing, Sincera and xSMTHS, operates in the UK, European, US, UAE, East African and South African markets. Our group is committed to diversity and inclusion, building companies, and developing people, with specialised knowledge and expertise for a dynamic digital transformation journey.

Our Brand Story

In 2019, the team met with a potential client, a CIO of an up-and-coming company, whose opening line was: “Tell me about testing - in fact, inspire me!”.

On their journey back after the meeting, they realised they had to do more to engage people around testing. At a subsequent strategy meeting with Chris Wilkins, founder of Dynamic Technologies, the story was shared and they all agreed that our brand of testing had to be exciting and unique. They needed a more focused and direct name for testing in the UK. Throwing a few ideas around and linking them to the client story, the name ‘Inspired Testing’ was born.

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