Confidence, improved reliability and stability for your core financial systems

Bespoke solutions for banking and financial services to keep up with the fast-paced evolution of financial technology without sacrificing quality.

Your challenges

High-volume real time events

Ensure a good user experience in real time even during very high-volume events.

Accuracy and availability of systems

Be confident that data and systems will be accurate and available.

Dynamic and complex environments

Validate your entire ecosystem with all its integrations and iterations.

Speed and accountability

Meet every demand from all users across all environments with speed and accountability.


Minimise risk and keep data safe by ensuring that security controls function as intended.

Software quality assurance

Enhance the credibility of the software by effectively mitigating the risk of a high defect rate.

Security testing

Inspired Testing established strategic partnerships with leading security testing companies to offer you advice and access to a curated network of trusted security testing providers.

We are an accredited ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials services company. All our consultants comply with the vigorous standards required.




Neptune Software


Our expertise

Fit-for-purpose solutions to fast-track financial technology.

Fintech expertise

Expert teams backed by decades of test intelligence create bespoke, scalable solutions to address your challenges. Inspired Testing carefully evaluates each project to create a roadmap to success.

Testing solutions

Achieve balanced test execution through global teams that suit your needs. Standardise activities using best practice test processes backed by decades of experience working with organisations in finance, insurance and wealth management.

Security & compliance

Inspired Testing lets you focus on your business with confidence knowing your systems are secure. We are ISO 27001 certified and Cyber Essentials certified.

Test intelligence

Infuse new skills and capabilities into your organisation. With a strong focus on training and upskilling, our best-in-class test professionals deliver test services that enable you to maximise your potential.

Tool agnostic

Inspired Testing is tool agnostic with a focus on processes and solutions. Rest assured that our solution will truly be the best fit for your scenario, without being hampered by specific tool preferences.

Custom, open-source test automation framework

Customisable to each specific need, be it front-end, app, or other applications.


Case Studies

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