Software Testing
Software Testing

Software Testing

We are passionate about crafting software solutions that make our clients leaders in the marketplace.

In the world of today, our lives are completely dominated by technology. The behaviour of technology is again controlled by the software powering it.

QA and testing within the STLC provides the solution to ensure quality software behave exactly the way it was intended to.

Why is software testing important?
  • to identify bugs early on in the SDLC
  • to resolve bugs early before deployment of the software product
  • to ensure reliability, security and high performing, quality software
  • results into time saving, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • malfunctioning software can be dangerous


5 Essentials for ensuring quality software
  • A test strategy indicates what types of testing and the amount of testing needed to find the defects hiding in the software
  • A test plan consists of the actual testing tasks, necessary to execute the strategy
  • Test cases, prepared in advance, will assist in checking that the software meet the requirements
  • Test data is important, consisting of both input test data and database test data, while executing the test cases, and
  • You need a test environment to carry out the testing.


Why do you need software quality assurance?

Software quality assurance has become a critical part of the software testing process boosting a client's confidence and a company's credibility. We take on a strategic journey with our clients to empower them to be confident and measurable in their company software solutions that run their business.

8 Benefits of software testing:
Saves you time and money by reducing time to market.
Helps deliver a stable and competitive product.
SQA guarantees safety, knowing your data is secure.
Market Impact
Creating market impact and increased market share through workable software.
Global Standards
Alignment to global standards.
Business Alignment
Operational Business alignment.
Right Software
Right software to run your business.
Rest Assured
Seamless and rest assured customer satisfaction and delivery.
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