Legal Giant Taps Into Inspired Testing Specialist Elite 3E Expertise

Legal Giant Taps Into Inspired Testing Specialist Elite 3E Expertise

Project Summary

The sheer scope and scale of the programme, which entailed upgrading multiple standalone finance and practice management systems with a global Thomson Reuters Elite 3E solution, made manual testing unfeasible. The client identified various opportunities for automation in its processes which would improve efficiency, cost, and quality gains.

The client required a flexible resource partner to augment its existing teams during this programme. Inspired Testing’s Talent Augmentation service gave the client access to its Elite 3E specialists, who have strong legal process knowledge, and the experience to understand complex financial and technical processes, and could translate them into strong, robust, and extendible test cases.

All Inspired Testing engineers are ISTQB certified.


Global law firm




United Kingdom


Talent Augmentation


Automation Tester and 1x Manual Tester with 3E test experience

Client Overview

The client is one of the world’s largest law firms with more than 10 000 lawyers in 198 locations. It is a leader on the Acritas Global Elite Brand Index and is recognized by prominent business leaders and legal publications for its innovations in client service.

Problem statement

The client needed flexible staff augmentation to strengthen and add expertise to its test automation team during a global upgrade from multiple standalone finance and practice management systems to Thomson Reuters Elite 3E.


Inspired Testing is one of the world’s leaders in Elite 3E software quality assurance(SQA). Its depth of specialisation and expertise runs deep and it is leading the testing of some of the largest implementations of Elite 3E. It is the only SQA firm to be certified by Thomson Reuters as both Implementation and Technology Partner, and it acts as a strategic partner on their own large-scale implementations of Elite 3E, a testimony to Inspired Testing’s wealth of knowledge. Inspired Testing provided talented 3E software quality specialists, backed by its institutional knowledge of 3E, that slotted seamlessly into the client’s automation teams.

Before improvement

The client was undertaking a project of such magnitude that it lacked sufficient resources to complete it, but could not justify the expense of permanently expanding its teams. It also required the transfer of knowledge from experts in Elite 3E to enable the continued functioning of its software quality assurance teams within the new Elite 3E environment.

After improvement

Inspired Testing’s 3E specialists provided invaluable knowledge and expertise to the client’s SQA team, helping it reap the benefits of test automation while transferring their institutional knowledge of the systems and tools and the internal capability to operate the systems to the client after the Program has closed.