What is a test management tool?

What is a test management tool?
Sastri Munsamy
Executive: technology and Innovation for Inspired Testing

Test management tools are used to store information on how testing is to be done, planned testing and activities, as well as the status of quality assurance and activities. The tools have different approaches to testing and therefore they have different sets of features.

Test management tools streamline the testing process

Generally, test management tools are used to maintain and plan testing activities, gather data from automated tests, and to enter information about planned defects. Test management tools offer the prospect of streamlining the testing process and allow quick access to data and collaborative tools for easy communication across multiple project teams.

Many test management tools incorporate requirements to streamline test case requirements. Tracking of defects and project tasks are done within one application to further simplify the testing. These tools also give teams the ability to structure the test processes using a single test management tool instead of installing multiple applications that have been designed to manage only one step of the process.

Advanced dashboards and tracking key metrics

Test management tools allow teams to manage test case environments, automated tests, defects, and project tasks. Some applications include advanced dashboards and the tracking of key metrics, allowing for the easy tracking of progress and defect management. These tools can be implemented with minimal programming ability, allowing for easy installation and monitoring of the test process across multiple project groups.

Once installed, teams have instant access to a user interface and teams can start running and recording test cases. They simplify the process by offering high levels of automation and it is useful for teams who manage a variety of test cases and large teams who need an inclusive application for project management.

What a test management tool does after a project has kicked off

After a project has kicked off, the test management tool will track the status of defects and project testing tasks. Users can access a variety of dashboards to gain access to data instantly, making the test process efficient and accurate. The type of dashboard that is used will be determined by the scope of the project as well as the information that needs to be extracted during the testing process. Data can be shared and accessed across multiple project teams, allowing for effective communication and collaboration.

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