Successful load and performance metrics for YellowTail

Successful load and performance metrics for YellowTail

Project Summary

The intention of the YellowTail performance testing was to establish load and performance metrics, and to discover any anomalies that may exist with the existing services. The intention is to use the load tests to improve performance and identify any issues.




Software development


South Africa


Performance Testing

Technology Stack

Client Overview

YellowTail is a Cape Town based software development company, established in 2006. They form part of the Dutch Yellowtail Group of companies and have established themselves as an expert outsource bespoke software development company with an impeccable track record. They develop successful solutions for businesses across Africa and Europe.

Problem statement

OTP Codes were generated using QR Barcode technology. Performance tests had to mimic this functionality in order to authenticate to the REST API layer.


Inspired Testing created bespoke Java and .NET based applications which enabled successful authentication to the web service layer. NeoLoad was used to develop and design the test flows as well as generate load.

After improvement

Yellowtail was able to confirm the resource capacity of their environment and Inspired Testing provided detailed insight into potential bottlenecks and stress points.

Benefit to the client after implementation

Inspired Testing provided the data required to determine the maximum volumes that the application ecosystem could accommodate and highlighted the specific areas which could be enhanced in order to allow even greater load to be handled by the system.