Inspired Testing blows away Financial Services client with cross-browser online portal solution

Inspired Testing blows away Financial Services client with cross-browser online portal solution

Project Summary

A major financial services provider created a revamped online portal to better serve its clients. The client is known within the industry for its high standards and the new portal would have to undergo extensive software testing to maintain the required high quality. Inspired Testing created a cross-browser, cross-device automated test solution within a single week, completely surpassing expectations. Inspired Testing’s solution tested the client’s platform across 12 browsers/devices simultaneously, providing more test coverage in a shorter period of time.


Financial services provider


Banking and Capital Markets


South Africa


Test automation

Client Overview

The client is one of the major financial services providers in South Africa and has been providing investment solutions to build long-term wealth for more than 50 years.

Problem statement

The client wanted to implement its revamped online investment portal. The new portal had to go through extensive testing across a multitude of browsers and devices: at least 4 browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari) and 8 devices split between Android and iOS.


The Inspired Testing solution created automated navigation through the application. On first execution, a screenshot was taken of every page for every device/browser which allowed for manual inspection for correctness to create a baseline. Every subsequent execution created new screenshots to be compared to the baseline screenshots. Differences were captured in new screenshots and highlighted in red. This was done simultaneously across all 4 browsers and 8 devices.

Before improvement

The client could not release its new and improved online investment platform to market before it was rigorously tested to conform to the high standards the firm is known for.

After improvement

Inspired Testing created a solution that allowed the testing of the platform across 4 browsers and 8 different devices.

Benefit to the client after implementation

The simultaneous automated testing provided greater test coverage in a shorter period of time, allowing the client the means to ensure that the online platform meets the required standards.