Enhancing Customer Experience With A CRM In Financial Sector

Enhancing Customer Experience With A CRM In Financial Sector

Project Summary

The client is a British multinational wealth management company listed on the London Stock Exchange and the FTSE 250 Index. It required expert resources from Inspired Testing’s team of SQA specialists to support the successful delivery of its move to automate its customer service processes.

Before its move to automation, the client utilised multiple systems including spreadsheets with no central data repository. This required tremendous manual effort to maintain and utilise, necessitating the move to an automated CRM solution. The CRM solution requires multiple customisations to meet business needs.

Inspired Testing delivered testing as a service in a Talent Augmentation model, enabling the client to meet delivery expectations in its move to an automated customer service process.


UK wealth management company


Financial Services


United Kingdom


Talent Augmentation

Technology Stack


4 years/ ongoing


1 x Delivery Manager
3 x Leads
2 x Senior Test Analysts
2 x Senior Test Automation Engineers
1 x Functional Tester

Client Overview

The client is one of the UK’s leading wealth managers, aiming to help their customers plan and manage their finances. It offers financial advice, a range of products and services, investment solutions, and an award-winning online investment platform. The client is implementing a CRM to automate its customer service processes.

Problem statement

The client is implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to automate its customer service processes. The process was executed through manual effort in multiple systems with a lot of disconnect between different teams. The aim of the project was to create a central repository to reduce human effort. CRM implementation involves complex business processes, workflows, and integrations that need to be tested to ensure effectiveness and that it aligns with the organisation’s unique needs.


After careful consultation, Inspired Testing was appointed to provide Testing as a Service through Talent Augmentation. The agreed-upon solution includes two-way integration of Inspired Testing’s team members into the client’s development teams and the client’s employees slotting into some of Inspired Testing’s teams. This approach is typical of Inspired Testing’s flexible approach, which aims to truly give its clients solutions that lead to improved product quality.

Before improvement

The client utilised multiple systems, including spreadsheets, to manually capture information. There was no central repository.

The client lacked in-house software testing capability to conduct an upgrade to automation of this complexity.

After improvement

Inspired Testing’s team of SQA experts deliver a range of services for the client including Test Management, Functional Testing, and Data Migration Testing, including the mobile component of its CRM solution. Front-end testing is conducted in parallel with other non-functional testing as a properly functioning user interface is of vital importance to business operations.

Benefit to the client after implementation

Software testing ensures a positive customer experience for the users of complex Customer Relationship Management tools, including on various devices and platforms. Complex business processes, workflows, and integrations are thoroughly tested. Configurations, customisations, and integration with other tools are tested to ensure that there are no unintended conflicts and that there is smooth data exchange and workflow automation. Data migration testing ensures data integrity, accuracy and consistency throughout the migration process. Overall, the client benefits from CRM software that has been thoroughly tested to meet industry standards and business.