Water delivery services flow strong as Scottish water market operator CMA appoints testing experts Inspired Testing

Lloyd Dignan, Director, Inspired Testing
Lloyd Dignan, Director, Inspired Testing

Global software testing company Inspired Testing has been awarded the contract to provide Scottish water regulator CMA (Central Market Agency) with testing resources and expertise to keep its interactive online system running at full functionality.

The contract, which was won through a full tender process, effectively appoints Inspired Testing as CMA’s outsourced testing partner. The deal was signed in the last quarter of 2019 and the project kicked off in early 2020.

The Scottish Government passed legislation in 2005 that allows for competition in the water industry in Scotland. In 2008, the new competitive arrangements came into effect, opening the market to enable competing suppliers to provide retail activities such as meter readings, billings and customer support to business customers. Scottish Water continues to deliver water and remove wastewater. The supply companies bill their individual customers, while Scottish Water bills the supply companies.

The Central Market Agency is at the hub of this infrastructure, operating the systems that run the water delivery market. The model allows supply companies to become members – and obtain ownership - of the CMA. There are currently 31 CMA members.

The CMA’s online user application gives water supply companies a streamlined, efficient platform to interact with the CMA, upload customer billing data and submit queries and technical issues for resolution. This keeps a record of supplier activities, including which supplier is responsible for services at connection points throughout the country. It also calculates and allocates charges.

“Inspired Testing will manage the testing component of the CMA online user system, in part utilising an automation testing approach for faster feedback, efficiency and quicker results. The project deliverables also include functional testing, which will test the system’s conformance to all requirements, as well as performance testing to test its capacity to manage load, usability, speed, reliability and response times for users,” says Lloyd Dignan, Director, Inspired Testing. “This will enable us to collect measurements and metrics to offer solutions and suggestions for further research and development on the CMA site.”

Andrew Morris, Technical Manager, Central Market Agency, says the CMA is committed to providing a world-class service to its members and partners. “The CMA systems and processes must at all times deliver compliancy and functionality as part of our mandate to administer the retail market for water and wastewater services in Scotland. The contract with Inspired Testing will enable the CMA to continue to deliver this assurance of quality,” he says.

“November and December 2019 comprised a scoping and analysis exercise before we began testing in early 2020,” says Lloyd Dignan, Director, Inspired Testing. “The CMA had immediate access to Inspired Testing resources through our Edinburgh office, with Inspired Testing London and Cape Town providing infrastructure and additional expertise for the duration of the project. We are excited to be able to contribute to Scottish water delivery and services through the CMA,” he says.

Inspired Testing, a Dynamic Technologies group company, provides a range of testing services and SQA solutions to clients in the UK and South Africa.

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