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News about software development, testing and Agile

The ins and outs of testing automation

For automated testing to work, fears of job losses and resistance to change must be addressed to ensure buy-in from employees and project owners.


Choosing the right testing tools

Much like the evolution of horseless carriages in 1915 into a multitude of motor vehicle options in 2019, the testing tools available to Testers, Test Managers and Test Architects have evolved over time into a sophisticated toolbox of choices.


How mobile testing can make or break the small screen experience

The proof that considerable advances have been made in mobile testing is evident when one compares the user experience a decade ago to present time. From frustratingly slow and difficult to navigate, mobile interfaces are now coming into their own, providing millions of seamless and happy encounters.


Is your testing partner ISO 27001 compliant?

In a world where data security breaches, hacking, thefts and cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and commonplace, it is essential that companies protect their data using all means available.


A new player in the SA software testing market

The journey of growth and evolution at software and technology group Dynamic Technologies continues as strategic changes at two of its group companies introduce a new player into the South African software testing space.


Passion and energy fuel new appointment at Inspired Testing

Test automation and performance testing firm Inspired Testing has appointed software testing expert and business strategist Lloyd Dignan as Director: New Business Growth, effective 7 January 2019.


DVT and Inspired Testing talk chatbot at Quality Jam London 2018

The Quality Jam QA Symphony conference saw an impressive line-up of speakers talking on a variety of topics, aimed at giving delegates an opportunity to learn new skills and access expert industry knowledge.


How to maximise the potential of test automation

In a world where testing and quality assurance accounts for as much as 26% of the total expenditure of IT budgets¹, test automation is still a vastly under-exploited resource. This can in part be put down to the myriad of frameworks and tools available, the choosing of which can be a tricky and even daunting decision-making process that must also factor in compatibility, ROI, cost and the specific needs of the project.