Inspired Testing Academy set to launch in October

03 Sep 2020
Inspired Testing Academy set to launch in October
Sastri Munsamy, Executive: Technology and Innovation for Inspired Testing
Sastri Munsamy, Executive: Technology
and Innovation for Inspired Testing

Inspired Testing has issued a final call for anyone interested in taking up the last available spaces for the inaugural Inspired Testing Academy training programme, starting 1 October 2020.

The Academy is kicking off its technical mentorship programme – Automation for Functional Testers – which it has tailored specifically for individuals wanting to upskill from Manual Testing to Test Automation.

Sastri Munsamy, Executive: Technology and Innovation, says the practical, hands-on programme covers a detailed level of technical testing capability with no prior Automation Testing skills or software development experience required.

“We are excited to be so close to launching this powerful new training programme, not just for our clients and their staff but for any professional interested in learning the ins-and-outs of Test Automation,” says Munsamy.

“The 10-month programme covers every aspect of Test Automation in detail, from knowing when, what and how to automate, to creating targeted Java scripts using the industry-standard open source automation tool, Selenium, as the development environment. Participants will need to complete each phase before advancing to the next, thereby gaining all the required skills – both theoretically and practically.”

The inaugural programme has been converted from a format normally used to train Inspired Testing’s clients' staff to one more suitable for individuals from any background.

“We’ve tweaked the programme so that it’s more compact - two-hour weekly workshops totaling 80-plus hours with over 20 practical exercises as a more cost effective option for individuals,” Munsamy adds.

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“We’ve already had significant interest in the past few weeks, and spaces are filling up fast,” says Munsamy. “With a maximum of 20 people per course, anyone interested should reach out directly by emailing me at”

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