Farming For The Future With Inspired Testing

Farming for the Future with Inspired Testing

Project Summary

An agricultural company that has been in business for more than a century needed to migrate to new software systems to keep pace with the modern agricultural landscape. The client had no in-house testing capability and faced a disastrous risk by moving from its old systems to the new without any software testing.

Due to its lack of expertise, it could not develop a proper requirement gap analysis to ensure that its new system actually meets current business requirements. It also lacked a clear strategy to guide the migration and ensure that it proceeds as frictionless as possible.

As part of a strategic test cosulting process, Inspired Testing developed a test mapping process, with a supporting deployment strategy, testing all systems in preparation for deployment, and creating future-proof test cases.

The client was able to confidently move ahead with the deployment of its new software using the phased approached developed by Inspired Testing.


A modern and dynamic agricultural company




South Africa


Strategic test consulting

Client Overview

The client is a modern and dynamic agricultural enterprise that has been providing solutions to agricultural producers for more than a century. It boasts an extensive network of more than 25 entities and employs roughly 6 000 people, most notably in the Freestate and Limpopo provinces of South Africa.

In keeping with its ambition to provide a modern service to today’s agricultural stakeholders, the client undertook the daunting task of migrating to all-new software that is better suited to meet modern demands.

Problem statement

Hampered by a limited budget, the client faced the challenge of migrating to all-new software. It needed to ensure that the new system meets its quality requirements while bridging the gap between the old system requirements and the current business requirements.

The client had no in-house testing capability, no test strategy, and no guidelines for implementing any attempts at quality assurance.


Inspired Testing’s team of specialists worked closely with the client to deliver a strategic test consulting solution. They developed a test mapping process with a supporting deployment strategy.

All new systems were tested and made ready for launch using a phased approach. The team built test cases geared for test automation which would take place in future.

Before improvement

The client lacked confidence that the migration to brand-new software systems would be successful and could proceed with minimal business impact. With no in-house software capability, the client did not have the knowledge to determine the best approach, which could lead to very costly mistakes and loss of confidence from their stakeholders.

After improvement

  • The solution helped the client improve its metrics, decrease defect ratios, closed the testing gap, and helped the development team gear their development for better outcomes.
  • It enforced proper defect management and proper quality gate and defect management processes. It also helped close the requirements gap analysis to build more efficient and more productive test cases,
  • The client saved time and money since developers will not have to rebuild their test cases for automation.

Benefit to the client after implementation

The client gained the confidence to proceed with the migration to new software, which enables them to keep pace with the modernisation of the agricultural sector.

During this first phase of the project, Inspired Testing’s experts prepared test cases that were geared towards test automation, which took place during the next phase.