Are talented candidates demanding too much? We don’t think so.

31 Oct 2022
Employer of choice

The software industry is seeing an unprecedented movement of professionals within the space. While this mobility has been a feature of the industry since at least the dot-com boom, the current fast pace of digitalisation is accelerating it to what feels like warp speed. Organisations need the right people to keep delivering on an upward trajectory. They need to position themselves as an employer of choice for which people will strive to work and as a sought-after opportunity where people will remain to develop their long-term careers.

An employer of choice is no longer based only on the best compensation package. People are no longer only motivated by remuneration, although it now tops the list according to research by Gallup.

Instead, less tangible factors are rising in importance: employee sense of opportunity, purpose, and success. Other considerations like feeling appreciated, a sense of well-being, and a sense of leadership also rank high. Research within our organisation confirms this: Inspired Testing’s people value the company's learning and development opportunities.

The transaction between employer and employee is no longer as simple as providing fair compensation in exchange for work delivered.

This begs the question: Are talented candidates within the software testing space asking for too much? We don’t think so. It makes sense from a business perspective to not only attract the best people but also provide the space for them to develop their careers by providing opportunities and support.

Make way for potential

The 2023 Global Culture Report by OC Tanner defines opportunity as the chance to develop new skills and feel challenged, empowering employees and offering them opportunities to expand their skills and relationships. The report highlights the importance of opportunity for growth and development in an employee’s decision to join, engage with, or remain at any specific company: 69% of respondents rated it as important, up 21% from the previous survey.

Opportunity takes many forms. In our organisation, we make way for our people’s potential in a multi-faceted approach:

  • Exposure to international opportunities. Inspired Testing’s global footprint allows our talented employees to realise life-long dreams of relocating to the UK and working in our London offices.
  • Inspired Testing counts some of the largest international brands among its valued clients, giving our people opportunities that cannot be matched.
  • Every team member has a personalised 1-, 3-, and 5- year career development roadmap. Personal assessments are completed to identify areas that need further development, and team members are supported to reach the next step in their careers.
  • Training and mentoring are done through our world-class in-house Academy and various mentorship programmes where industry professionals share their testing wisdom. Inspired Testing also offers a bursary programme to support those that want to further their academic training.
  • We actively connect and build experiences and offer world-class support services. Research shows that a strong sense of belonging, and community makes teams more resilient in stressful times. Resilience allows a person to grasp the opportunities that may come their way.

The workforce is looking beyond compensation to determine if a particular organisation is a good fit. In the software testing industry, our people resent being seen as just a number fulfilling a certain task. They want to be developed, given opportunities, and supported in taking those opportunities. Employers of choice such as Inspired Testing recognise and embrace these requirements and actively make them part of their identity.

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Ansa du Plessis

Technical Copywriter, Inspired Testing

Ansa is an experienced copywriter with a passion for technology, science, and communication. She’s a strategic thinker and closely collaborates with the experts at Inspired Testing to create material that adds true value to her readers.

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