Inspired Testing Celebrates Software Tester’s Day 2022

14 Sep 2022
Software Tester’s Day

Software Tester’s Day celebrates the first instance of an actual computer bug being found and recorded in 1947. The bug was a literal one: a moth stuck between relay contacts in the Harvard Mark II computer. The moth was diligently taped into the logbook with the caption “First actual case of bug being found.” While Thomas Edison was referring to ‘bugs’ in his designs as early as the 1800s, the moth was the first bug identified in a computer.

Inspired Testing celebrated the day with a team event, a virtual Escape Room where team members could use their talent for spotting minor discrepancies to solve a virtual mystery. Support staff and other team members brightened the day by wearing green to show their solidarity.

Software test professionals are heroes and deserve recognition! -Jacques Fouche, CEO of Inspired Testing

Inspired Testing CEO, Jacques Fouché, showing his support on Software Tester’s Day.

Inspired Testing CEO, Jacques Fouché, noted: “Software Tester’s Day celebrates the unsung heroes that has saved the world from embarrassing, costly, and even life-threatening events countless times. Because of testing, things work as they should. My online order gets delivered at my door. I can order food on my phone. The website did not crash on that important Black Friday order. I even bought my daughter tickets to see Justin Bieber in South Africa, while I’m on a beach in Thailand!”

Ansa du Plessis

Technical Copywriter, Inspired Testing

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