Ensuring Performance After Elite Enterprise Migration To Elite 3E

Ensuring performance after Elite Enterprise migration to Elite 3E

Project Summary

The client has been using law firm management software Thomson Reuters Elite Enterprise for a number of years and is currently undertaking a migration into Elite 3E. The performance of any software system is critical and never more so than in a law firm such as this, with more than 1,400 employees and 10 offices. Any system needs to be able to handle large volumes of concurrent users without slowdowns, crashes, or other performance issues which could lead to lost revenue, decreased productivity, and damaged reputation.

Inspired Testing proposed a staggered approach to the performance testing and engineering of their new Elite 3E installation which includes the performance testing of 3E Mattersphere, a case management software. The client needed a flexible approach without the restrictions of full-time allocation of skilled performance testing resources.

The first project of the approach was Discovery, Analysis, and Planning, after which the second project of Script Development, Execution, and Reporting took place.


Top 45 UK law firm




United Kingdom


Performance testing as a service for Elite 3E implementation

Technology Stack


Performance Test Solution Architect
Senior Performance Test Engineer (Lead)
Performance Test Engineer (Scripting)

Client Overview

The client is a top 45 UK law firm with 10 offices, employing more than 1,400 people, including more than 225 partners. Their roots trace back to 1827.

The firm offers a range of legal services to public organisations, private companies and individuals. In the financial year ending April 2022, its turnover was £103.2 million.

Problem statement

The client has been using Thomson Reuters Elite Enterprise and is currently undertaking a migration into Elite 3E. They need performance testing and engineering of their Elite 3E platform to ensure that there is no performance reduction between Elite Enterprise and Elite 3E, as well as the performance testing of 3E Mattersphere for matter maintenance.


  • A staggered 2-phase approach of Discovery: Analysis and Planning, and Script Development, Execution and Reporting.
  • Establish best practices in relation to performance testing during the process of this initial performance testing project
  • A flexible approach to Performance Testing
  • A thorough approach to non-functional performance testing with a specific focus on Elite 3E and Mattersphere.
  • Outsourced testing services, with no restrictions on full-time allocation of skilled performance testing resources
  • Skill set of team members with the ability to work alongside the technical teams within the Firm.
  • Knowledge of web-based platforms based on proven experience and skills in performance testing projects using similar technologies
  • Work with Thomson Reuters and the client to confidently release a new solution into production without any bottlenecks or performance issues; so that all users will have an enjoyable and productive experience.

Before improvement

The client faced extreme risk when migrating to a newer version of Thomson Reuters Elite. Poor performance of software systems could have devastating effects due to bottlenecks and other operational instabilities.

After improvement

Inspired Testing delivered performance testing through an outsourced managed services model, taking full responsibility for the performance testing and engineering aspect of the client’s migration from Elite Enterprise to Elite 3E.

Benefit to the client after implementation

Through Inspired Testing’s performance testing expertise, the risk of business disruption during the migration to a new software platform was significantly reduced.