Logistics Software Developer Paving The Way To Quality Through Talent Augmentation

Logistics Software Developer Paving The Way To Quality Through Talent Augmentation

Project Summary

The client is a specialist in software development for the logistics industry. It required software testing to improve the overall quality of its new offering, a cloud-based app that it wanted to release to market. However, the client didn’t need a full-time, permanent resource after the completion of the current project. It entered into a talent augmentation agreement with Inspired Testing to gain access to an expert Intermediate Automation Engineer in a flexible arrangement. The process allowed the client insight into the various candidates, allowing them to choose someone that was a good cultural fit for their own team. The engineer would form part of the client’s development team for the duration of the project, after which he would off-board. This arrangement provided the client with flexible access to software testing talent without having to take on the burden of a more permanent staff member who will not be utilised once the project is completed.


Logistics technology company


Logistics Software Development


South Africa


Talent Augmentation


1 year


1 x Intermediate Automation Engineer

Client Overview

The client specialises in software development for transport optimisation, execution, and performance, and has been in business since the late 1990s. One of its key products is a transportation management platform that provides its clients with better supply chain visibility and improves team performance.

Problem statement

The client released a cloud app onto the web and needed software testing as this is not a capability they have in-house. The client previously outsourced its software testing but was not satisfied due to the lack of quality improvement/commitment. It was looking for a test automation engineer that has experience in test automation as well as manual testing. A good culture fit was of particular importance to the client.


Inspired Testing offers a flexible Talent Augmentation service that allows its clients to access software testing expertise without the need to employ someone permanently. Through this engagement, the client was able to interview suitable candidates from Inspired Testing’s incredible pool of available talent. This allowed the client to choose a temporary team member that they felt would be a good cultural/ culture fit for their existing development team.

Before improvement

The client lacked quality assurance maturity in its cloud-based application. There were some existing test cases and a backlog requiring a skilled test automation engineer to execute.

Benefit to the client after implementation

The client gained access to an Intermediate Test Automation Engineer that became part of its in-house development team. This arrangement allows the client to improve the overall quality of its software and ultimately its service offering to its clients in turn, without the burden of employing a full-time team member.